Reporter: The Football Association is determined to resolve the salary arrears, even if the 12 Chinese Premier League teams continue to play in the new season without mentioning salary cuts_Chinese Football Association_Participation_Player

Original title: Reporter: The Football Association is determined to resolve wage arrears, even if the 12 Chinese Super League teams will still play in the new season without mention of wage cuts

Live it, February 6 News On February 7, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Professional Football Club Federation (preparatory group) will hold a professional league work conference for the new season in Xianghe. The meeting will focus on admission policy the alliance, registration and participation policy alliance and business development. According to reporter Ma Dexing, although there are many theories and rumors surrounding the professional league after the Spring Festival, the general principle of the new season is still the word “stability”, to survive and develop in stability, and strive to gradually regenerate.

In the professional league in the 2023 season, the full implementation of the home and away system has undoubtedly been completed. The most serious situation at the moment is to completely resolve the club’s salary arrears. Originally, according to the original vision of the Chinese Football Association, the problem of historical salary arrears was completely resolved before December 31 last year, and last year’s salary problem was resolved before January 31 this year. However, considering the reality, in order to buy more time for clubs to solve the problem of salary arrears, the preparatory team of the Chinese Football Federation and the Chinese Football Association are likely to relax the deadline accordingly, that is, before the deadline for professional league entry, let each club The club settle the matter thoroughly.Therefore, clubs still have more than two months to resolve this issue.

One thing is very clear, that is, clubs with salaries, whether they are Chinese Super League clubs, Chinese A or Chinese B clubs, will no longer be allowed to continue participating as in the previous season. Problems remaining from history.

In addition, there is another very important change,Once the registration qualification has been canceled due to salary arrears, the new method will no longer be used in the new term. That is: if one or two or two or three clubs in the Chinese Premier League cannot qualify for the competition due to unresolved arrears issues, the Chinese Super League clubs that were relegated last season or the Premier League clubs Chinese league is at the top. he will not be allowed to enter the Chinese Super League ranks. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association and the preparation team of the Chinese Football Federation have prepared for the worst, that is, even if there are only 12 clubs left in the Chinese Premier League, the 2023 Chinese Super League will still be played. .Because in order to meet the entry requirements of the AFC Champions League, that is, the top league teams must play 27 rounds in a season, the Chinese Super League can adopt the method of adding a round, that is, under the normal participation of 18 teams. position, the top team in a season The double round of the away game consists of 34 rounds. Assuming there are only 12 teams, it will become a three-round round with a total of 33 rounds.

In recent days, the topic of player salary cuts and salary caps has suddenly become a hot topic on the Internet again. There are even rumors that the Chinese Football Association will issue a further salary cut order. Based on the original salary cap, the salary of professional players Further reduction. But at least so far, there has been no concrete news. If the Chinese Football Association requests a further salary cut, it will seriously harm the interests of the players. Although the competitive level of Chinese football is not high, this should not be a reason to harm the interests of players, not to mention that most players who participate in professional leagues have not enjoyed the “bonus” “Football- Gold Dollar foot”. Moreover, the current salary of 3 million euros for foreign aid is not very high. If it is disregarded in half as the outside world says, the quality of foreign aid can be imagined. Also because of this,After extensive understanding, research and research, the Chinese Football Association will no longer take the initiative to raise salary cuts. In the 2023 season, the Chinese Football Association will continue to implement the salary standards originally introduced.

Of course, a possible change in the future is: in the past, when confirming whether players and club staff have received their salaries, the Football Association generally published a salary confirmation form, and the players or the staff signed for confirmation. of forgery. therefore,In the new season, the Chinese Football Association may offer to use the monthly bank statement as the official certificate, and this is the only certificate, to confirm that the club is no longer in salary arrears.

In addition, whether the “U23 policy” and “U21 policy” will be canceled, should the Chinese Super League foreign aid be in line with the AFC Champions League, should the Chinese Super League be in line with the Asian competition system, and the implementation of multi-year adjustments These will also be discussed at this meeting.

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