Reporter who claimed ‘Lee Jae-myung’s attorney’s fees’ was found dead

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Lee Byung-cheol, who first raised the allegation of payment of attorney fees by Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung, was found dead.

Police said there was no external intervention in the death process and decided to conduct an autopsy tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death.

Ji Yoon-soo is awesome.

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This is a motel in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

At around 8:40 pm yesterday, 54-year-old Lee Byung-cheol was found dead in his room on the third floor.

Since the 8th, the family reported to the police saying “there is no contact”, and the motel staff found the deceased.

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“(At the time of discovery) there is no such thing as a knock on it. They say I just kicked it. Still (no popularity).

Police said, “There is no sign of outside intrusion, and there is no circumstance that he made an extreme choice.”

Mr. Lee had been staying at the motel for a long time for three months, and he did not have a will.

A representative of the bereaved family claimed that the deceased did not have any hardships or chronic diseases.

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“There are reports of nuances (contents) of pessimism due to the hardship of life, but it is fake news.

Mr. Lee, who died, first reported to a civic group a transcript containing ‘the lawyer who was in charge of Candidate Lee’s case of violating the official election law in 2018 received 300 million won in cash and 2 billion won worth of stock from someone’.

Based on this, the Awakening Citizens’ Solidarity Party filed a complaint against Lee in October of last year, and the prosecution’s investigation was ongoing.

In November of last year, the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office seized and searched the Legal Ethics Council, which manages the details of the appointment of lawyers, and summoned Mr. Lee to investigate the witnesses once.

However, it is known that no progress has been made since then in the investigation.

The People’s Power visited the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office in protest, arguing, “The unfortunate life of Lee and the prosecution’s illegal atrocities continues to change.”

The Democratic Party of Korea criticized, saying, “The deceased has nothing to do with Lee,” and said, “The people’s power is using the death of one person to propagate black for the ruling party candidate.”

Police are scheduled to conduct an autopsy tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death.

This is Yoonsoo Ji from MBC News.

Video coverage: Kang Jong-soo, Jeon Seung-hyun / Video editing: Kim Ha-eun

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