Reprofiled routes in Bobo: Another face after a first rain

Several kilometers of roads have recently been reshaped in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso to facilitate the movement of users. Everything seemed to be fine until this first rain fell in the early morning of March 22, 2023 in the city of Sya. Arteries reprofiled recently, begin to present a completely different face, with the appearance of cracks in particular. After this rain, the report on certain routes of sector 24 and 25 of Bobo-Dioulasso was really not very good whatever others are resisting for the moment. But that’s borderline normal. During the rain, man and runoff water fight over the tracks. The latter is found on the roadways due to the lack of gutters. And this is what is always reproached to the municipal authorities. It is as if the lack of gutters does not concern anyone among them (the authorities). Reshaping the tracks without laying out gutters was an almost ephemeral job. For a lasting solution, it would be appropriate to invest in the development of gutters to prevent runoff water from forcing its way onto the roads and degrading them. If not, continuing with this formula would not be profitable for the municipality. We invest each time in the same project without a long-term result. We can’t wait for the municipal authorities to look into this problem of gutters which will prevent other areas from being flooded. Recall that this year, 500 kilometers of roads were being reshaped, at the expense of the municipality of Bobo, including fuel and support for agents.

Abdoul-Karim Etienne SANON


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