Republican break? Rojo Edwards rejects Luis Silva’s “statesman” admiration for Pinochet

The senator assured that he did not agree with the most voted constitutional counselor in Chile. He does not consider him a “statesman” and “yes” a dictator.

Despite being the most voted constitutional advisor in the country, the Republican Party faces a problem with Luis Silva. The professor, before joining the body that will continue working on a second text of a new Constitution, did not hide his admiration for the dictator Augusto Pinochet, whom he considers “a statesman.”

He was a man who knew how to lead the State. (I feel) a hint of admiration for the fact that he was a statesman. In his time in charge of the government, things happened that he could not not know, that he would have justified and are atrocious. That stains what he did for the country, but 50 years after 1973, a slightly more pondered reading of his government should be made. Having said that I have an admiration for him as a statesman, I do not declare myself a Pinochetista, since I am not going to marry a historical figure”, was part of what he expressed.

These words had a strong response from President Gabriel Boric, but also from within his conglomerate, where they distanced themselves despite being an extreme right-wing party, where the figure of Pinochet is not rejected.

“What strikes me about this is how it is constantly trying to revive Pinochet. I don’t think Pinochet is a statesman to say it clearly,” Senator Rojo Edwards said on CNN. “I do not consider a person who spent 17 years without parliament to be a statesman. I do not agree on that“he added.

When asked if he was a dictator, Edwards was concise and blunt: “Yeah”.