Request for arrest warrant for 4 police officers, including the former chief of Yongsan Police Station

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The Special Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency, which is investigating the October 29 disaster, has applied for arrest warrants for four police officers, including the former chief of the Yongsan Police Station.

This is the first time new recruits have been secured in about a month since the disaster, and the investigation is expected to expand to the highest ranks according to the court’s decision.

Reporter Suhan Yoon will tell you.

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The suspects for whom arrest warrants have been requested are the head of Yongsan Police Station at the time of the disaster, the head of the 112 situation room, the head of the information department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and the head of the information department of Yongsan Police Station.

Lee Im-jae, the former chief of Yongsan Police Station and head of 112, is suspected of increasing the number of casualties by neglecting security measures and post-response at the site.

The former Brif Lee arrived at the scene 50 minutes after the disaster happened on the same day and informed the police in a late manner, the circumstances of a poor response were recorded.

[이임재/전 용산경찰서장(지난달 21일)]

“I’m really sorry for that part until the end and for the rest of my life.”

The head of the 112 Situation Office is suspected of focusing on traffic control without taking appropriate measures despite a series of reports of concerns about an accident.

Park Seong-min, former head of the information department at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and former head of information at the Yongsan-seo Police Station were accused of directing the Halloween preparation report, which raised security concerns, to be deleted immediately after the disaster.

The special issue said it also reviews requests for arrest warrants for suspects from other agencies such as fire departments and district offices.

However, the bereaved families held a press conference today urging once again an investigation into the top line, who was really responsible for the disaster.

[조미은/고 이지한 씨 어머니]

“From Lee Sang-min (Minister of Public Administration and Security) to Han Deok-soo (Prime Minister), we conducted an investigation without sanctuary…”

The special version is expected to launch a full top line investigation as soon as it is decided whether to arrest the main suspects in the warrant review held on the 5th.

This is Yoon Soo-han from MBC News.

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