Request for investigation by the Dunchon Jugong Affiliation, and so forth. ‘Do as you wish’ captured


In a substantial-scale reconstruction and redevelopment venture in Seoul, the unlawful routines of the cooperative have been uncovered.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation and the Seoul Metropolitan Governing administration, which carried out the investigation, questioned the prosecution to investigate a few cooperatives, like Dunchon Jugong.

Reporter Gye Hyun-woo reports.


Dunchon Jugong Reconstruction Society.

Very last March, we signed a services deal for an computerized garbage assortment facility.

Nonetheless, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation and the Seoul Metropolitan Authorities stated there was no past spending budget or decision at the normal conference.

[둔촌주공 조합 집행부 관계자/음성변조 : “대답할 게 없는데요. 아니에요. (입장만 여쭤보려고요.) 아니에요. 됐어요.”]

Not only this.

13 conditions, such as design supervision expert services, ended up discovered to have been carried out in the identical way.

It is unlawful, punishable by imprisonment for up to two a long time or a great of up to 20 million.

The union had also appointed and compensated more total-time directors at will.

It was also revealed that design information that was not disclosed to union users or was delayed was also disclosed approximately 900 situations.

The redevelopment task association also operated as expected.

In accordance to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and many others. judged that Bomun District 5 entrusts paperwork to unregistered contractors, this sort of as approving a challenge implementation plan, and that the Daejo District 1 association performs products and services that n it had to be submitted to standard competition by personal agreement.

[대조1구역 조합 집행부 관계자/음성변조 : “어떤 내용인지를 저희가 정확히 파악하고 답을 드려야되는 것이지, 무엇 때문에 우리가 문제가 되는지 정확하게 안 받아봤으니까요.”]

65 offenses have been verified in every single of the three redevelopment and rebuilding associations which are the issue of this investigation.

Given that 2016, 722 scenarios have been uncovered in 38 inspected cooperatives.

An typical of 19 instances for every web site.

Recurring illegal things to do can provoke union conflicts and delay small business.

[백인길/경실련 도시개혁센터 이사장 : “공개해야 될 내용들을 (정부가) 신고 의무화시키고, 제도적 장치를 만들어야만이 조합하고 조합원들 간 갈등이 상당 부분 줄 수가 있을 거예요.”]

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation has questioned the prosecution to look into 11 of the illegal functions.

This is Kye Hyun-woo from KBS Information.

Cinematographer: Kim Je-received / Online video Editing: Kim Seon-young / Graphics: Kim Ji-hoon

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