Research Institute in Japan, “12,520 nuclear warheads in the world… 40 in North Korea”

▲ RECNA homepage capture photo: Yonhap News

Japan’s Nagasaki University Nuclear Weapons Abolition Research Center (RECNA) announced this month that the number of nuclear warheads currently on Earth is estimated at 12,520 from nine countries.

According to a report by Kyodo News, this research center has been estimating the number of nuclear weapons each year based on professional organizations or research literature from around the world.

The research center explained that although the number of nuclear warheads worldwide has decreased by 200 compared to a year ago, the number of nuclear warheads in a state that can actually be used has increased, excluding nuclear warheads that are waiting for retirement or disbandment.

Looking at the number of nuclear warheads per country, Russia has the most with 5,890 rounds, followed by the United States with 5,244 rounds.

It is followed by China with 410 shots, France with 290 shots, Britain with 225 shots, Pakistan with 170 shots, India with 164 shots, Israel with 90 shots, and North Korea with 40 shots.

Last year, the research center also estimated that North Korea has 40 nuclear warheads.

Looking at the estimate of the increase over the last 10 years, China has the most with 160 shots, then India with 64 shots and Pakistan with 60 shots.

North Korea is also estimated to have increased its nuclear arsenal by at least 30 during the same period.

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