Researchers discover ‘fast food stall’ 2000 years ago; There are many mysteries hidden in the ashes

Italy: Researchers find a 2000-year-old ‘fast food stall’ in the old city of Pompeii. Archaeologists have unearthed a snack counter decorated with polychrome patterns and covered with volcanic ash. It is estimated to date to 78 AD. At that time, the city of Pompeii was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption on Mount Vesuvius. It is estimated that between 2,000 and 15,000 people were killed in the crash.

Food counter researchers have recovered from the city of Pompeii that was destroyed in the blast. The new discovery gives clues to the eating habits of the ancient Romans. The site is known as Thermopolium. In Greek, ‘thermos’ means hot and ‘polio’ means selling. Researchers say that this is similar to current snack stalls.

The team found fossils of ducks and the remains of pigs, sheep, fish and snails in pottery from Thermopolium. The crushed fawa beans found at the bottom of a jar were found to have been used to modify the taste of the wine. Indications are that the counter was rushed at the time of the accident and abandoned by its owners. The first sounds of the explosion may have been heard, said Massimo Osanna, director general of the Archaeological Park in Pompeii.

Along with human remains, clay pots known as amphorae, a water tower and a fountain have also been found. The remains of a man believed to be in his 50s were also found near a child’s bed. Thermopolium was very popular in the Roman world. There were about 80 such centers in Pompeii alone.

Spread over an area of ​​44 hectares (110 acres), Pompeii was one of the richest cities in the Roman Empire. It is the second most visited place in Italy after the Colosseum in Rome. Pompeii was visited by four million tourists last year.



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