Researchers in South Africa: “Delta immunity also quadruples after infection with Omicron”

A new study has found that infection with a novel mutant Omicron from COVID-19 can increase immunity to delta mutations by four times.

According to AFP news agency on the 28th (local time), a research team led by Alex Segal, director of the South African Health Research Institute, announced that the results were derived from a study conducted on 15 Omicron infected people.

The research team took samples 14 days after infection and studied the degree of neutralization of omicron and delta mutations.

Of these, 13 cases showed a 14-fold increase in the degree of neutralization of omicrons, and a 4.4-fold increase in the neutralization capacity of delta mutations.

Some of the 15 people were vaccinated against COVID-19, and three received two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. Three people received one dose of Janssen vaccine, and one person received two doses of Janssen vaccine.

The research team said that it is possible that a significant number of people were infected with the initial Corona 19 virus along with vaccination, and that it cannot be concluded that the delta mutagenesis was due to Omicron infection.

“If omicron infection can improve neutralization even for delta mutations, then the chaos COVID-19 can cause to our lives will be reduced,” Seagal tweeted.

The study has not yet been reviewed by fellow scientists, and has been published on the medical journal advance publication site (medRvix).



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