Resending US Stock Market = Rebounding at the end of the game, turning back with a low-priced buy | Reuters

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The US stock market rebounded late and ended in the positive territory. Taken in March 2021 (2022 Reuters / Brendan McDermid)

[New York, 24th, Reuters]–The US stock market rebounded late and ended in the plus zone. Since it was sold significantly during trading hours, it was bought at a low price.

Amid concerns about the Fed’s growing hawkish stance and rising geopolitical tensions, the 500 S & Ps have temporarily fallen below the January 3 high by more than 10% and adjusted. It was lowered to the level to confirm the entry into the phase.

The S & P ended with a 4.3 percentage point return from the daytime lows. The fluctuation range was the largest since March 26, 2020, when it was recovering from the plunge caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

All three major stock price indexes had fallen by more than 2% at one point.

Last week, the S & P and Nasdaq Composite’s weekly rate of decline was the highest since March 2020, when the pandemic began.

Market participants are looking at the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement and Chair Powell’s Q & A session on 25-26 to find clues as to when to raise rates to curb inflation.

“Investors seem to overestimate the Fed to take a very hawkish stance,” said Sam Stobal, chief investment strategist at CFRA Research.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are also rising, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has announced on the 24th that it will strengthen the deployment of ships and fighters in eastern Europe and send additional troops to the southeast. ..

All of the 11 major S & P sectors have remained in a large negative territory from beginning to end. However, by the time it closed, all but three sectors had emerged in the positive sphere. The rate of increase in consumer goods was the largest.

The fourth-quarter settlement season is in full swing, and 65 of the 500 S & P companies have announced their settlement so far. According to Refinitiv data, 77% of these are above market expectations.

The financial results of major banks and Netflix are not even, casting a shadow over many other good financial results.

Electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla has led the decline in large technology stocks.

Department store Coles is up. Sycamore Partners, a US investment company, has asked the company to buy it, according to people familiar with the matter. A few days ago, Starboard Value-sponsored Acacia Research also offered a takeover bid for Coles.

IBM rose over 6% in after-hours trading after closing. Fourth-quarter sales exceeded market expectations due to strong sales of the cloud business and other factors.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the number of falling stocks exceeded the number of rising stocks by a ratio of 1.49: 1. Even in NASDAQ, the number of stocks that dropped by 1.08 to 1 was large.

The combined trading volume of the US exchange is 18.42 billion shares. The average of the last 20 business days is 10.95 billion shares.

Closed price% compared to the previous day Open price High price Low price code

Dow Jones Industrial Average 34364.50 +99.13 +0.29 34070.61 34420.99 33150.33

Previous business day closing price 34265.37

Nasdaq Composite 13855.13 +86.21 +0.63 13481.50 13876.61 13094.65

Last business day closing price 13768.92

S & P 500 types 4410.13 +12.19 +0.28 4356.32 4417.35 4222.62

Previous business day closing price 4397.94

20 Dow Jones Transportation Averages 15435.92 +188.64 +1.24

Dow Jones Utility Average 932.47 -11.28 -1.19

Philadelphia Semiconductor 3479.95 +45.17 +1.31

VIX 29.90 +1.05 +3.64

S&P general consumption goods 1431.83 +17.16 +1.21

S&P material 528.09 +0.13 +0.02

S&P Industries 860.20 +4.57 +0.53

S&P major consumer goods 789.21 -2.81 -0.35

S&P Financial 636.91 +1.52 +0.24

S & P Real Estate 294.47 +0.51 +0.18

S & P Energy 479.43 +2.62 +0.55

S & P Healthcare 1503.89 -5.53 -0.37

S & P communication service 244.27 +1.05 +0.43

S&P Intelligence Technology 2717.30 +9.00 +0.33

S&P Public Goods 346.45 -3.60 -1.03

NYSE Volume 163.4 billion shares

Chicago Nikkei Futures March Contract Dollar Denominated 27300 –280 Compared to Osaka

Chicago Nikkei Futures March Contract Yen-denominated 27275 –305 compared to Osaka



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