Resident Evil 4 includes 5 things we learned from the new 3rd trailer, along with some interesting details.

Friday, February 24, 2023, 11:49:52 am Indochina time

when the morning of February 24th on the channel Youtube oh PlayStation arranged State of Play This will be direct sales for new games scheduled to be released soon on consoles such as PS4 a PS5 Although in this launch there will be no announcements of new games that are very different from the original. But if talking about one of the protagonist games for this list, it would be given to Resident Evil 4 because of the way Capcom has released a sample sequence 3 And many interesting game details have been revealed.

Although the sample sequence 3 it may not be Effect compared to the sample Play a game oh Resident Evil 4 However, this new trailer has some revelations. which many people can ignore doing today the way 4 players I would like to introduce several things Capcom He came out to introduce the game Resident Evil 4 Which gets something you will have to wait and follow each other

1. Knife counter system and dodge attack system

one point on the way Capcom have been raised for sale from the beginning The player will be able to use the knife to cut to stop the enemy’s attack, he can press the button again to attack. Melee Kicking and punching methods, which will cause the enemy to lose control, the system to avoid enemy attacks and use a knife to stab the garden to escape being caught by the enemy


2. NPC Support System

Within the new trailer, the characters have been revealed. Luis Sera that should have more of a role than before Content within the example is also shown “ NPC Support System “They both help with firing to intercept enemies and if able to stun the enemy. Luis Sera He will run and kick enemies until they fall on the floor as well


3. Serious fight scene between Jack Krauser.

If you still remember the knife fight scene between Jack Krauser a Leon Scott Kennedy of the game Resident Evil 4 The original part will take shape Quick Time Event come to use, with a button coming up and having to press it in time to go through the next scene But it seems that the game Resident Evil 4 it will remove the system and let the players use knives to fight Jack Krauser seriously instead



4. There is still a story to play as a character. Ashley Graham

for the new game Resident Evil 4 still give a scene where the player has to force a character Ashley Graham In order to escape from enemies, including solving various puzzles within the castle, and if the character keeps the original concept, there is a possibility of theAshley Graham He may not be able to pick up a firearm, attack back to defend himself, or at most he would pick up objects around him to throw only to intercept the enemy.


5. Cuteness of Ashley Graham

Because the game industry is growing exponentially. As a result, the development of the game is played in a very big way, including in the current period where they start to raise models, models to be the original look of the characters in the game. I made that character look even more realistic Of course, characters like Ashley Graham get you Ella Freya A young model from the Netherlands came to take on the role this time too, and made the delight even greater Ashley Graham is a gem Resident Evil 4 the more ascending until it looks like a real person is entering every time



Finally, the game Resident Evil 4 officially opens for play March 24, 2023 who can go in and buy the game in advance for a price 1,929 baht and in addition, the team has also issued an announcement to prepare for the release. Special Demo Coming out to play officially soon Will come to try to play when, then you have to continue to follow and if there is any mistake, I apologize here as well