Resident Evil 4 releases March 24 with a free demo!

Survival is only the beginning.

March 24 marks the official release date of Resident Evil 4, the remake of the original 2005 game of the same name. Retains the essence of the original game. At the same time it presents a modern style of play. Better storyline and detailed graphics to give players the latest survival horror game experience.

This remake brings even more horror and exciting action. Dive into the intent of the original Resident Evil 4 with a variety of gameplay strategies based on character actions, life and death. Horror and emotional release are inseparable in this great survival horror game. Offers a unique and exciting experience. Not only for new players but also for loyal fans of the series.

In addition, the official download release date of THE MERCENARIES, the series’ popular free DLC, has also been confirmed!

Sharpen your skills now to score high!

A free demo version of the game is also available. Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo offers beautiful graphics. as well as the tension and excitement that players can experience in the full game. Players can also enjoy the Chain Flow Demo without limitations on time and number of attempts.

So why not try the demo first?

  • Find out more about the Chainflow Demo here.

last but not least a funny short anime created by Japanese animation company Nippon Animation is now available to watch online!

It looks like Leon and Ashley are happily dancing without any worries. But there is something strange…?!

Be sure to watch all 3 episodes!

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Publication date: 24 March 2023 (Friday)
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