Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 remake strategy | Full bounty mission solution (chapters 1~3)

Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 remake walkthrough full bounty mission answer (chapters 1~3) |The long-awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake “Resident Evil 4” Remake has been officially launched. The answer to the reward task (trust) in Chapters 1~3 of the game.

It is best to solve the reward task (trust) as soon as possible when it is limited

During the whole game process, you can receive multiple “reward missions” (interact with the blue notice on the map), and the content is generally to get or destroy certain items, or knock down certain powerful enemies, etc. After completing the bounty task, talk to the merchant to get “spinel” as a reward, and the strange stone can be used to exchange items that cannot be bought with money (pesetas) at the merchant. Since the exchangeables are quite good (with the most important treasure map), it is recommended to complete these tasks as much as possible to increase income.

Note that the bounty task is limited. Basically, when the player moves on to the “transition area” (from the village to the castle, and from the castle to the island), it cannot be solved the bounty task in the previous area, so it is best to receive the bounty Complete it within the quest chapter.

Work diligently to solve tasks and exchange spines for items

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Chapter 1

Destroy the Blue Badge (Farm)

The intention of this type of commission is to destroy the blue badge of the cult in the designated area, and there will be several similar commissions in the subsequent process. After receiving the trust, the location of the badge will be marked on the map, so it’s generally not too hard to find, but there are still some badges that are deeply hidden, until even if they are marked on the map, it still takes a lot of effort to find them. Click on the picture to enlarge the actual location of the destroyed blue badge (farm):

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chapter 2

Rat control (factory abandoned)

Kills all rats in the designated area, a squeal can be heard if there are rats nearby.

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Chapter 3

snake hunter

Sell ​​3 poisonous snakes to the merchant. The poisonous snakes are obtained by killing poisonous snakes. There are several poisonous snakes in Chapter 3. Pay attention to leave space on your body to pick them up and not to u eat alone.

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Tomb Raider

Cut the marks on the two specific headstones in front of the church, the location can be seen in the photo

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Destroy Blue Badge 2 (Quarry to Fish Farm)

The same thing is to smash all the blue cult badges, the actual location can be seen in the picture

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