“Resident Evil 8: The Village” Director Says “Rose Shadow” Will End Winter Family Story – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network GameApps.hk

The story of “Shadow of Rose” is set 16 years after the original game. Ethan Winters is dead, and his daughter Rose Winters has become the main character. Some players may feel that this DLC will provide the appearance of The Winters family in the entire biochemical series ending. Director Kento Kinoshita confirmed this in an interview with IGN, saying that the development team is “creating the ‘Shadow of Rose’ story to end the Winters family saga.”

So what can we expect from this classic IP’s new work? Producer Masao Kawada said Capcom “absolutely will not” reveal any details about the future of Resident Evil, so whether the next main game in the series will feature brand new characters or return to classic characters familiar to fans, it is still to be seen. Considering that after 16 years, the classic characters in this IP, such as Chris, Leon, Claire and Jill and other characters will be much older, I don’t know how Capcom will deal with the new plot.

Previous leaks suggest that development on Resident Evil 9 began as early as 2018, and is unlikely to release before 2024 at the earliest. Of course, before that, a remake of “Resident Evil 4” will be launched in 2023 for fans to satisfy their desires. The Resident Evil Showcase will be held in October, where Capcom will talk about the Resident Evil 8 Winters Expansion Pack and the aforementioned RE4 remake.

The Resident Evil 8 Winters Expansion Pack will be released on October 28 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. The game will also launch on the same day as a cloud game for the Nintendo Switch, with the DLC coming to the platform in December.

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