‘Resident Evil RE:4’ PS4, PS5, XBSX package products officially released in Korea

Representative image of biohazard/Gampia

Gamepia announced on the 25th that it is releasing the ‘Resident Evil RE: 4’ pack for PlayStation (PS) 4·5 and Xbox Series X | S in collaboration with Capcom Asia.

While maintaining the core of the original Resident Evil 4 released in 2005, this work remakes the latest survival horror through a modern sense of play, a recreated story, and improved graphics. The story of the rescue of the president’s daughter in a quiet town in Europe unfolds.

The company is distributing a trial version of ‘Chainsaw Demo’ where you can enjoy part of the theme of the work, ‘the pleasure of avoiding and defeating death’. PlayStation5, PlayStation4, XBOX SERIES X|S was officially released in Korea on the 24th

The review level is not for the use of young people. To commemorate the official release of the packaged product, a free giveaway event is currently underway on Gamepia’s official SNS, and a special program of 20,000 won is offered when purchasing a packaged product and PlayStation5 together at Lotte Hi-Mart (Jamsil Branch, Suji). Lotte Mall Branch) The promotion with discounts will run from today to March 30th.