Residents of large-scale residents, in businesses of Waldo, are in the city of Kansas to the south

CITY KANSAS, Mo. – A large number of residents in central and southern cities in Kansas City, Missouri, came on Sundays.

KC Water reported that a line of 24 inches was broken by 3340 W. Coleman Road, but the one that affected the most 30-inch main water breaker near 9900 Riverwater Road.

"Many customers have low water pressure, and the teams are working fast to restore water," said Brooke GIvens, a KC water spokesman.

The 34-year-old Coleman Road service interrupted with 34 customers.

The break on the Blue Road, which took place around 7:30 a.m. and water was spewing into an area in the area, more customers were involved, but KC water could not provide accurate numbers.

"Due to the number of customers affected, the launch center was not independent to cater for calls," said KC Water in a statement. "We recognize how frustrating it was for customers to be waterless and not able to report the problem. We will review our response to this event and make any adjustments to our procedures."

Shortly after 3 p.m., KC Water reported that repairs on the Coleman Road were completed and that service should be returned later this afternoon to those who are submitted to them near Blue RIver Road.

Aging infrastructures and recent wintering times are two factors, which contribute to the breaking of the water mains, according to Water KC.


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