Residents of Yikui Building who are confined to their feet say that they are waiting for meals to be delivered every day across the iron gate.

Residents of Yikui Building who are confined to their feet say that they are waiting for meals to be delivered every day across the iron gate.

The Lunar New Year is approaching, but the outbreak of the epidemic in Kwai Chung Village has not slowed down. Yak Kwai House, Ying Kwai House and Xia Kwai House in the village have been enclosed and confined, which has made residents panic, which is quite different from the festive atmosphere of the previous New Year’s Eve; nearby shopping malls The flow of people has also been greatly reduced, and many stores have simply closed their business, and there is a situation of “ten shops and nine empty”. Among them, the Four Seasons Restaurant, which was visited by confirmed cases, has posted a notice outside the door today, and it will be closed for one week from now until February 3. . A resident of Yikuilou, who has been confined for many days, told reporters that this year’s New Year’s wish is to “go out early, the epidemic will pass soon, and Hong Kong people will have a new beginning.”

Mr. Lai, a resident of Yat Kwai House who is engaged in the self-service school bus driver industry, is one of the members who have been affected in succession by the new crown pneumonia. Due to the epidemic, schools have been closed and business has been shut down, but misfortunes do not come singly. Since last Friday night (21st), I have to sit in the “epidemic supervision”, and I spend every day waiting for people not to deliver meals on time, and living with the TV. ” It’s really like being in a tight prison,” but he said with a smile that he was glad that the “epidemic prison” was at home and had his wife to accompany him. When asked how he spends his time on weekdays, he said that he usually “plays tai chi” or stretches in the morning. In the afternoon, he watches news or TV dramas on the Internet. In the evening, after eating the food delivered by government officials, he goes to bed soon.

When asked if he was dissatisfied with the government, he pointed out that there was a lot of anger in the first few days, because there were “no lala and no people”. He saw that the testing arrangement was chaotic and there was a lot of garbage in the lobby. After the improvement, the rubbish in the lobby corridor has been removed. He and the neighbors also understand the hard work of the staff and hope that the reporter can help convey their gratitude. As for his New Year’s wish, he joked that he must have hoped to “make more money” in the past, but he understands that health is priceless under the epidemic.

In addition, the Hong Kong Housing Authority also posted on its online social platform today a note posted by the banned neighbors outside the door to express their gratitude to the frontline staff in Kwai Chung Village.


Residents said they lived a day of waiting for people to not deliver meals on time.


Yat Kui Building is one of the buildings that are closed to the public. (Photo by Lin Yaokang)


The number of people in nearby shopping malls has been greatly reduced, and most of the shops are not open. (Photo by Lin Yaokang)


There is a notice posted outside the store gate that it is closed due to the severe epidemic. (Photo by Lin Yaokang)


There are banned neighbors posting thank you notices outside the gate. (Provided by HA social platform)


A thank you note is also posted in the corridor trash can. (Provided by HA social platform)



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