Resolution recommends Chicago from Illinois to separate the 51st state

A group of Republican makers are sponsoring a resolution that insists on the Chicago Congress which separates from the state of Illinois.

Brad Halbrook Resolution House 101 filed on February 7.

If it were to succeed, it would make it the third largest city in the country, however, the 51st American country, as similar proposals were introduced in the past, there is little chance of it happening.

Sponsors acknowledged the secrets that Chicago did not want to see separated from Illinois in various interviews since its introduction.

Much of the state delegation seems to have been a bigger measure of the way in which complaints are convened.

“I don't believe that Chicago and the state of Illinois should be separated,” said Illinois Republican C.D. Davidsmeyer, one of the co-sponsors of the resolution, said to the State Journal-Register. “It is more a barrier to policies than to the real faith that Chicago and Illinois would be better off as a separate state.” T

Law-makers say they want to highlight long-standing cultural and financial differences and clarity between Chicagoland urban and the largest rural areas in Illinois.

“The case is for ongoing attacks on our traditional family values, the right to protect ourselves, the right to the way we want to educate our children, the ability to turn off coal and to pull oil out of it. the land, ”Rep Halbrook said in a television interview with Capitol Connection, broadcasting covering Illinois state politics. “Things that we think are very important are always under attack.”

The Constitution of the United States allows the creation of a new state from a part of an existing state, but requires the approval of the state legislature and Congress.

A number of other Illinois legislators have sponsored the bill since it was filed in February, but it seems unlikely that it will be disqualified.

No hearing is currently scheduled on the resolution, according to ABC News.

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