Resolution recommends Chicago from Illinois to separate the 51st state

A group of Illinois Republican lawmakers are sponsoring a resolution that calls for the separation of the Chicago Conference from the state of Illinois, which would make the country's third largest city.

Resolution House 101 is the latest salvo in a war draft that is nearly one hundred years old between indigenous rural areas in southern Illinois and urban areas, progressive in the Chicagoland area. As with previous attempts to separate the city, this project has little chance of becoming a reality.

Even sponsors admit the secrets that Chicago do not want to see separated from Illinois. Instead, they said that they have signed this resolution to express frustration with Chicago's great presence in state politics.

“I don't believe that Chicago and the state of Illinois should be separated,” said Illinois Republican C.D. Davidsmeyer, one of the co-sponsors of the resolution, said to the State Journal-Register. “It is more a barrier to policies than to the real faith that Chicago and Illinois would be better off as a separate state.” T

Instead they state that the intention is to focus attention on cultural and financial tensions between urban and rural areas in Illinois.

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“The case for (House Resolution 101) is the ongoing attacks on our traditional family values, the right to protect ourselves, the right to the way we want to educate our children,” explained in the Illinois Republic. Brad Halbrook Republican community in television interviewed with Capitol Connection, broadcasting covering Illinois state politics.

House Resolution 101 was submitted to the Rules Committee in February and it seems unlikely that it will be removed from the committee. No hearing is currently scheduled on the resolution.

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Illinois is not just thinking about turning off a part of the state.

Last year Balloid 9, which would put California in three separate states, put the ballot almost in place before the state's Supreme Court went down.

City Commissioners in South Miami, Florida, ran a resolution in 2014, calling for the southern Florida counties to make the new state of South Florida due to concerns that too many tax dollars were being lost at South Florida Hall, the capital that makes city commissioners. I felt that the climate change challenges that disproportionately affect their communities were ignored. The secret never got drawn.

Tension between urban and rural areas in Colorado resulted in a 2013 referendum that would create a state of North Colorado. It ran in different counties, but was no longer done.

The US Constitution provides a way of creating a new state from a part of an existing state, although it needs the approval of the state legislature and Congress – which is unlikely to happen in any of these cases.


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