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P. from the position of speaker. The Assembly unanimously rejected the motion moved by the Opposition demanding the removal of Shri Ramakrishnan. When the resolution began to be voted on at the end of the debate, the opposition stepped down. M. of the Muslim League. The resolution was introduced by Ummer. Notices issued twice before were not allowed.

It was the third resolution in the history of the Kerala Legislative Assembly to be debated against a Speaker. Notice of the motion to remove the Speaker has been issued several times in the history of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, but it has been debated only three times.

On February 4, 2004, the Assembly rejected a motion moved by Deputy Leader of the Opposition Kodiyeri Balakrishnan seeking the removal of Vakkom Purushothaman from the post of Speaker in the Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly. The resolution received 36 votes in favor. Deputy Speaker Sundaran Nadar, who oversaw the proceedings of the House, suggested that only those in favor should register to vote. The notice alleged that Vakkom was acting as a spokesperson for a political party and group, abandoning the speaker’s impartiality. The Legislative Secretariat had rejected the notice issued by Kodiyeri on October 17, 2003 seeking permission to introduce a resolution in the Assembly raising the same demand.

In the Sixth Kerala Legislative Assembly, K. During Karunakaran’s second cabinet, Speaker A.C. On March 5, 1982, the House debated and rejected the resolution against Jose. It was rejected because it did not get the required majority (71 votes) under the Constitution. A.K. Only 70 people supported the resolution presented by Shashindran. The speaker was accused of voting in favor of a government that did not trust the church.

The Sixth Kerala Legislative Assembly had witnessed the resignation of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker a month before and without giving them an opportunity to discuss the resolutions against them. On January 14, 1982, T.M. Jacob and MM the next day. Hasan is the A.P. Kurian and M.J. Notice was also given of the resolution to remove Zachariah Seth. The two announced their resignations in a separate statement on February 1, which sought permission to introduce the resolution.

There was an incident in the assembly where the resolution was canceled due to the absence of the presenter. TK to remove Varkala Radhakrishnan from Speaker post in 8th Kerala Legislative Assembly The resolution, issued by Jacob Notice, was annulled on February 8, 1990. After the motion was moved, the Opposition demanded that the debate be adjourned to another day in view of the death of former legislator Thoppil Ravi. When it was rejected, the opposition left the church. The Deputy Speaker then declared the resolution non-existent.

There have been instances where the resolution has not been discussed as the presenter himself withdrew the notice. In the Third Kerala Legislative Assembly, D. P. against Damodaran Potti. Govindapillai gave notice on October 4, 1969 and the resolution was withdrawn on October 17.

MM against Varkala Radhakrishnan in the 8th Kerala Legislative Assembly. Hassan’s notice dated March 17, 1988 was withdrawn on April 2.

Earlier, a notice was issued against Speaker Vakkom Purushothaman. The background was the unfortunate events of the last days of the Second Session of the Seventh Kerala Legislative Assembly. On March 29, 1983, the leaders of the seven opposition parties issued separate notices to the resolution. The meeting was adjourned the next day and was not considered. When the third session began on June 20, no one even remembered the notice. So that notice evaporated.

There is no constitutional provision to bring a no-confidence motion against the Speaker. Notice must be given to remove the speaker. The motion to remove the Speaker / Deputy Speaker shall be introduced under Article 179 (c) of the Constitution. 14 days notice must be given before the church joins. With the support of 20 members of the congregation, the presentation will be approved. The rule and practice is that the resolution must be taken up for discussion within 10 days of approval.

The Deputy Speaker shall preside over the House when the resolution is introduced. The speaker will move to the deputy speaker’s seat. The resolution can only be passed if more than half of the current members of the House vote. The Speaker may vote in the event of a referendum. But the casting vote for the Deputy Speaker is conditional only if the vote level is equal. The nominated Anglo Indian representative also has the right to vote. Members of the ruling party abstain from voting on such resolutions. They attend only when there is a suspicion that the opposition has a majority.

Twice before the formation of the state

There have been at least two instances where resolutions against vice-presidents have been introduced in the legislatures before the formation of the state. When one passed, the other was rejected. Deputy President of the Travancore Sreemoolam Assembly T.M. P. against Varghese. The ‘no-confidence motion’ presented by Sivarama Pillai was passed. The resolution was debated and voted on November 25 and 26, 1937, with 42 in favor and 24 against. Two were neutral. With that, T.M. Varghese is out.

Kochi Legislative Council Deputy President K. The resolution brought to remove Ayyappan was rejected. P. The resolution presented by Kumaran Ezhuthachan was debated and voted on March 24, 1944 and was supported by less than half the members (21 members).

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