Home Health Restaurant Association points to new COVID sales to 30%, losing 700 million baht per day

Restaurant Association points to new COVID sales to 30%, losing 700 million baht per day

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Restaurant Association points to new COVID sales to 30%, losing 700 million baht per day

Mrs. Thaniwan Kulamongkol, President of the Thai Restaurant Association, revealed that the restaurant business overview Generating approximately 500 billion baht per year Which is included in all sizes of restaurants across the country Average restaurant sales per day With a value of approximately 1,500 million baht, which is estimated During this wave of COVID-19 outbreak 3, sales will drop to about 30%. The restaurant is not able to serve 100% customers as in the past. At most, it is only 50% because it is in compliance with public health measures. Especially social spacing And limiting the number of customers who use the service in the store Causing the number of tables that are set to serve by default

Ms. Thaniwan said that if compared the sales in March, it was found that the whole month was a very good month. Because of the sales of most restaurants Recovered more than 80-90% because the situation of the virus outbreak improved. Plus the government allows you to sit at the restaurant until 11:00 PM and sell alcohol. Even at the end of the month, sales will weaken. Because people save more money to travel Songkran But it was considered a very good recovery. If compared to the period from January to February of the past, which saw only 10-20% of sales running.

“If the government announces that restaurants and restaurants temporarily shut down again Estimated that income will disappear from 600-700 million baht per day, which if closing 14 days, it will cause more than 9,800 million baht to disappear from the system and if it closes for more than 14 days, it will make money disappear more than that. Estimate Because I saw an example from the temporary closure of the shop in the past Restaurants of members of the association That normally accepts more than 300 customers per day, the customers disappear, leaving only 4 per day.

Ms. Thaniwan said that in addition to the view that if the government will announce that the restaurant can sit and eat until 21.00, take-out will be opened until 11:00 PM and that alcohol is not allowed. Considered as a measure that allows businesses to move forward With continuous income Although not as much as usual But it is considered that it has not completely disappeared. Initially, if the government announced a lock-down measure or the fuse came out immediately In order to finish the situation as quickly as possible But the government has to look at the economy and business that Operators will stay or not. If announcing those measures Because if there is no income but expenditure the same Everyone will die.

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