Restaurant MP Chong “Big Tu” set up a committee to find measures to heal restaurants before hundreds of thousands of businesses shut down.

Restaurant MP Chong “Big Tu” set up a committee to find measures to heal restaurants before hundreds of thousands of businesses shut down.

Thaniwan Kulmongkol, president of the Thai Restaurant Association, revealed that a meeting of the Center for Disease Management of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CCSA) chaired by Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha will be held on June 18. The association will propose to the CCC to approve the establishment of a joint committee specifically related to restaurants and restaurants. which consists of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), Ministry of Finance Bank of Thailand (BOT) and associations related to restaurants to find remedial measures and help to meet the needs and problems of each group Most of the restaurant operators are SMEs. And in the past, there was no argument against direct complaints with the government. The idea of ​​setting up a direct supervision committee Because restaurants are considered one of the service sectors. There is a chain network involving many businesses and millions of people. and also to support unemployed workers from various occupations Therefore, when restaurant operators face problems It will have a wide impact on both business and labor.

“We are concerned if after June the epidemic does not improve. will put more pressure on people’s purchasing power affecting the restaurant’s closure Even though the government has issued measures to help people, such as half-person, the restrictions on opening a shop or buying people’s power can’t increase. It does not affect food operators. Also in the past Measures to help entrepreneurs are not on point. We need a loan that is not much money, 50 thousand to 1 hundred thousand baht / person initially to use as working capital to buy goods or support labor. It is still inaccessible or high cost problems. like opening a little shop, selling online, but found that there is a service charge (GP) delivery delivery from the platform owner causing the actual income to be insufficient for expenses When we have a committee, it’s good for negotiations to reduce the GP cost to help each other more, for example, a 50% reduction until the severe covids get better. In addition, having a joint committee To know the real information, for example, look at the number of restaurants registered with the Ministry of Commerce, there are only 15 thousand, but look at the number of restaurants that are taxed with the Ministry of Finance, there are hundreds of thousands at the risk of shutting down from the end of the line after carrying the burden of lack of income from strict measures during covid We offer only real, accurate and quick help on the right rules,” said Ms. Thaniwan.

Mrs. Thaniwan said that there will be no offer to unlock or relax anything during this period. because I still see the number of infected people per day is still high And the distribution of vaccinations has just begun. Therefore, it is believed that CCP will consider the appropriateness further. What entrepreneurs need right now is the help they need to keep their stores open. which began to see more signs of shop closure It will become more clear after June. especially the shops in the provinces This will cause severe unemployment and lack of income. Another thing that I would like the CCP to consider is Should use orders to close restaurants only those that have encountered covid and do not follow strict measures. because I still see some shops with no limit on the number of people sitting or opening trade without protective measures It’s better to take a single measure in the area or the whole province. in order for operators to comply with the measures and not be affected as well

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