Restoring Thailand’s Status on the International Stage: Challenges and Strategies

Thailand Strives to Regain International Status

Thailand has faced criticisms for its diminishing role on the international stage, leading to concerns that it has fallen off the world’s radar. Neighboring ASEAN countries have become more prominent, further overshadowing Thailand’s profile and importance.

The country finds itself pushed to the back row when great powers prioritize their engagements in the region, giving Thailand lesser importance compared to its counterparts.

The decline in Thailand’s position can be partly attributed to the coup d’état led by General Prayut Chan-o-cha nine years ago, which tarnished the country’s reputation in the eyes of the Western world.

While the Thai government under the leadership of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) moved closer to China due to Washington’s disregard, it became clear that relying on the shadow of any giant was not in the country’s best interest.

Rapid action is required from the government to revive Thailand’s international status. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must undergo significant adaptations and changes during this turbulent period.

The resolution of Thailand’s international challenges requires a unified strategy. This entails aligning the efforts of various relevant agencies, including Defense, Agriculture, Tourism, Transport, Industry, Culture, Trade, and more. Collaboration with the private sector and academic institutions is also critical to this endeavor.

Ms. Pranpree, with her experience in diplomacy and international trade, and Ms. Settha, with her knowledge and understanding of international business, can play crucial roles in invigorating Thailand’s presence on the international stage.

The Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Chakkraphong Saengmanee, along with Khun Panpree and Khun Settha, must refrain from involving personal acquaintances in the work of the ministry’s professional diplomats. Such past actions have caused division and demoralization among ministry officials.

This includes the exclusion of competent individuals, leading to a decline in the ministry’s efficiency and the formation of factions within the organization.

Khun Panpree has devoted herself to public service, having served in various government positions. She served as an adviser to the Prime Minister on economic and foreign affairs during General Chawalit Yongchaiyudh’s government. Notably, her role involved policy analysis and liaison duties in the cabinet meeting room.

In addition, she has served as the Thai Trade Representative and Chairman of several important committees involved in trade and investment promotion.

Both Khun Panpree and Khun Settha possess commendable educational backgrounds, with Khun Panpree holding a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Chulalongkorn University, a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Doctorate in Public Administration from Claremont Graduate University.

The Settha government faces the challenge of making an impact on the world stage, particularly in voicing Thailand’s stance on important issues. Thailand cannot rely on its famous “diplomacy moves with the wind” approach any longer. It is crucial for the country to take a strong stance on global issues.

Thailand must step up its proactive diplomacy efforts, following the lead of neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, that actively safeguard their national interests through proactive engagement.

Prime Minister Settha previously vowed that, if elected, he would travel the world to proclaim Thailand’s resurgence. The nation must now live up to these promises and show that it is ready to reclaim its former glory on the international stage.

Reviving Thailand’s full potential requires comprehensive efforts across various sectors. The country must stand apart and distinguish itself from competitors by implementing robust strategies to enhance its global standing.

Because there have been criticisms for many years that Thailand has fallen off the “world’s radar” because its role on the international stage has diminished and many neighboring ASEAN countries have played a more prominent role on the international stage than Thailand.

Make Thailand profile or status a back row country. Great powers do not give us as much importance as many other countries in this region.

Because he has made himself important in the eyes of various camps in a constant state of geopolitical competition.

It cannot be denied that the coup d’état 9 years ago by General Prayut Chan-o-cha contributed to the decline of Thailand’s position in the eyes of the Western world.

And although China is in close contact with us Although the Thai government under the leadership of the NCPO has moved closer to Beijing because of Washington’s contempt, But in the end, we realized that being seen as living in the shadow of any giant was not definitely in line with the interests of the country.

Therefore, the Settha government urgently needs to restore Thailand’s status on the international stage.

And the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the period of unrest must be adapted and changed significantly.

Because in order to solve Thai problems on the international stage, there must be a unified strategy, which means combining the roles of all the relevant agencies in the same direction.

Be it the Ministry of Defence, Agriculture, Tourism, Transport, Industry, Culture, Trade and others.

There must also be unity with the private sector and academics when pushing for joint policies to co-ordinate, negotiate and collaborate with other countries.

Ms. Pranpree has experience in diplomacy and international trade, while Ms Settha has knowledge and understanding of international business.

Especially if he can motivate the team in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, most of them already have international diplomacy skills. He will be able to build Thailand’s power in an outstanding international arena.

Khun Settha and Khun Panpree both Including the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Chakkraphong Saengmanee, must avoid involving his own people in the work of the ministry’s “professional Diplomats”, as has happened in the past

Another issue that causes confusion and destroys the morale of people in the ministry is when ministers put their own people in a position to bully or avoid ministry professionals.

As well as causing division within the ministry, it also causes the “idle gear” symptom of officers who do not want to have “problems” with higher ups.

As for those who have real knowledge and ability, they will be excluded from their duties. causing the efficiency of the ministry to decline

Instead of pushing for important policies for the good of the country Instead, it caused a gang to form within the ministry.

Ms. Panpree worked as a civil servant in the Cabinet Secretariat. Responsible for policy analysis and was a liaison officer in the cabinet meeting room in the government of General Prem Tinsulanonda and General Chatchai Choonhavan.

In 1996, he was appointed adviser to the Prime Minister on economic and foreign affairs in the government of General Chawalit Yongchaiyudh.

and in 2002 he became a member of the House of Representatives List of names and Deputy Leader of the Pattana Chart Party

He was the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Commerce in 2003. Between 2003 and 2005, he was given the responsibility of being the head of the negotiating team for the creation of a free trade zone. (India and BIMST-EC countries)

and in 2004 he was Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Industry. Plays an important role in planning Solving the problem of water shortage for industry on the east coast

Year 2005 appointed Thai Trade Representative and was appointed to act as Chairman of the Investment and Trade Promotion Committee under the Free Trade Area Agreement. and Chair of the Warehouse Institute

In 2008, he was deputy leader of Plaid Thai Pheu (position 1), responsible as head of the economic team. and is a member of the party’s strategy committee

2013 Appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of PTT Public Company Limited.

Ms. graduated. Panpree with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law. Chulalongkorn University Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California and a doctorate in public administration from Claremont Graduate University.

This is the same institution where Mr. Settha with master’s degree. The finance branch also comes.

The Settha government’s challenges International issues relate to ensuring that Thailand’s “voice” is heard clearly on the world stage on important issues.

While Thailand used to be famous for “Diplomacy moves with the wind.” Today we have to take a stand on issues that the whole world expects us to “stand” on important issues.

Although we believe that Thai diplomacy should be silent diplomacy, in many cases we are too silent and our voices are meaningless.

Especially compared to our neighbors like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam or even Cambodia in playing proactive diplomacy in many areas that are important to our national interests.

Tomorrow we will talk about important international forums where the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand should clearly display their visions.

As Prime Minister Settha once said. (Before the election) if he becomes the leader of the country, he will travel around the world to announce it

Thailand is back!

For Thailand to return to its full potential on the world stage, it must do more than it has done in many areas.

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