“Restriction on Exports to Korea” by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will take effect after June

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Japan also announced it would lift export restrictions on Korea four days after the South Korean government put Japan back on the white list of favorable export screening countries.

However, unlike us, who released it immediately, it appears that Japan’s export restrictions will be lifted after June.

That a necessary procedure remains.

Reporter Hyun Young-joon reports from Tokyo.

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The Japanese government announced today that it will return Korea to its white list, a country that receives preferential export screening.

It has been four days since Korea returned Japan to the white list for the first time.

However, until May 31st, the hearing period for the review of the law has been set, after which the cabinet decision-making process, which is the qualification of our cabinet meeting, continues, so there may be export restrictions draw significantly only after June.

On the other hand, on the 24th, the Korean government immediately restored Japan to a country that simplified export procedures through a notice in the official gazette.

On the 24th and 25th, the director general of the Korean government visited Tokyo and held a dialogue on export control policies between the two countries. It was revealed to be controversial.

However, today, just three days later, the Japanese government announced that it has completed a thorough check of Korea’s export control system and operational status through dialogue between the two countries, confirming its effectiveness on par with Japan.

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“We conducted a thorough check of the effectiveness of all of Korea’s export control systems, systems and operating conditions.”

As the Japanese government lifted export restrictions on three semiconductor materials last month and decided to return to the whitelist today, export restrictions imposed unilaterally by Japan since the 2019 ruling on compensation for forced labor have been normalized for now first in about 40,000.

We whitelisted Japan first and immediately, but Japan even went through the process of scrutinizing our country’s export control system.

However, we will have to wait more than a month for Japan’s export restrictions to actually be lifted.

This is MBC News Hyun Young-joon from Tokyo.

Video commentary: Lee Jang-sang, Kim Jin-ho (Tokyo) / Video editing: Choi Moon-jeong