Results of the investigation: The first woman infected with Deltacron XBC in Thailand found 3 doses of vaccination.

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The Department of Disease Control investigates people infected with Deltacron strains The first XBC in Thailand found 3 injections of vaccination. The condition has improved, repeating that the 608 group must inject at least 4 injections.

On December 2, 2022, Dr. Tares Krassanairawiwong Director General of the Department of Disease Control said that the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand tends to increase as expected. after adapting to an infectious disease that must be monitored and the people returned to their normal lives The Department of Disease Control has proactively monitored the community. dangerous place and patients treated in the hospital and track the changes in the mutant strains together with the Science Department

A patient treated at Pathum Thani Hospital was a 47-year-old Thai woman after being infected with COVID-19 by ATK at home and was tested by RT-PCR according to disease surveillance guidelines. This is the first Deltacron (XBC) strain in Thailand.

“This patient has already received three doses of the vaccine: the first two doses of Astea-Zeneca in 2021 and the third Pfizer vaccine in February. 2022 No serious illness Now he has recovered,” said Dr Tares.

The Director General of the Department of Disease Control continued, “An important measure, especially 608, is to have at least 4 doses of vaccine. If the last dose of the vaccine is more than 4-6 months, hurry to get the next dose. for immunity from serious illness AND reducing the chance of death from all forms of COVID-19. Get the vaccine at a hospital near your home throughout the country.

” For those who are going to do activities in crowded areas When using services in public places, public transport, wear a mask, wash your hands often, and keep your distance from others. if you have an illness.”

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