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‘Resume Short Sale’ One Month, Foreigners threw 10 trillion

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KRW 8 trillion in KOSPI… 86% accounted for
12 institutions and individuals are limited to 1%
Samsung Electronics No. 1… Following HMM

After short selling for large stocks such as KOSPI 200 and KOSDAQ 150 resumed on the 3rd, it was found that foreign investors made short sales of about 10 trillion won for about a month. Foreigners account for 85.4% of the total short sale transaction value. By stock, Samsung Electronics, which is the number one market capitalization company, has the highest amount of short-selling transactions.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 30th, after the resumption of short selling on the 3rd, the amount of short selling in the KOSPI market for 18 trading days until the 28th was totaled at 9,343.7 billion won. Of these, foreigners short-selled 8,311 billion won, or 85.95%. Institutions accounted for 12.46% with 1.16 trillion won, and individuals accounted for only 1.58% with 148 billion won.

In the KOSDAQ market, foreign investors accounted for 1,936.5 billion won, which is 83.21% of the total short sale transaction amount (2,3272 billion won). Institutions accounted for 341 billion won (14.65%) and individuals were only 49.6 billion won (2.13%).

When short selling, centered on large-cap stocks, resumed, individual investors opposed the short selling system, saying that it was a’tilted playground’, which is advantageous to foreigners and institutions armed with financial power and various benefits. Accordingly, the financial authorities pushed for resumption, saying that individuals can participate in short selling transactions if they complete the preliminary training and simulation transactions in advance. However, as can be seen from the one-month transaction price, criticism that short selling is still a’proprietary property’ and’playground’ by foreigners and institutions seems inevitable.

Looking at the stock by stock, Samsung Electronics was the stock with the largest trading value for short selling during the 18 trading days. A short sale transaction of 6117 billion won was made in Samsung Electronics alone. According to the daily average, it is 34 billion won. In addition to the impact of short selling, Samsung Electronics suffered bad news such as a disruption in the supply of semiconductors, and at one time the 80,000 won line collapsed.

HMM, which is called’Humsla’ and whose stock price has surged nearly three times this year, succeeded Samsung Electronics with a short sale of KRW 3911 billion (average of 21.7 billion KRW), LG Chem (361.4 billion KRW, average of 201 billion KRW), and Celltrion (327.1 billion KRW). An average of 18.2 billion won) and Hyundai Motors (3157 billion won, an average of 17.5 billion won) were also ranked at the top.

Celltrion, a bio market stock, has the most’short selling balance’ that has sold borrowed stocks and has not yet repaid. Celltrion was famous for being a stock with a lot of short selling even before the ban on short selling. Celltrion’s remaining short selling as of the 26th was 1.14 trillion won, which is the dominant number one among all KOSPI stocks. Since then, LG Display (3091 billion won), Netmarble (123.9 billion won), and Hotel Shilla (1148 billion won) have risen to the top.

Reporter Nam Jung-hoon [email protected]

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