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Resurrected again after 34 years! The famous red and white machine ARPG “Moonwind Demon” will launch the sequel “Moonwind Demon: The Immortal Moon”!-funglr Games

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It was broadcast at 10:00 on April 15th, introducing many indie game live shows that are expected to be launched on the Nintendo Switch platform “Indie World 2021.4.15
The show introduces a lot of glamorous and excellent works that people can’t wait to play right away, and many old players are surprised by the introduction at the end of the show.Moon Wind Demon: The Moon of Immortality“(GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon).
For players in grades 5 and 6, “Moon Wind Demon“This name may not be unfamiliar, but for younger players, it should be the first time many people have heard it.
In this article, we will introduce to readers in detail along with the original work “The Legend of Moon Wind Demon”. Readers who are interested should not miss this content!

What kind of game is “Moonwind Demon”?

Moon Wind Demon

Moon Wind Demon“(月风魔伝) is a model that was launched by KONAMI in 1987 on the FC commonly known as the red and white phone.Action role-playing game(ARPG)。
The game is the protagonist played by the player “Moon Wind Demon“In order to defeat the demon king who killed his brothers…Dragon Bone Ghost, And take back the stolen wave sword and start the story of the journey.
The work has a unique world view and high-level BGM. Coupled with the difficulty of the threshold is not low, it is a classic game that made the players obsessed with it.
The protagonist in the game “Moonwind Demon” was also released after Konami’s “Konami World“(Konami Wai Wai World) and beyond”Konami World 2“(ワイワイワールド 2 SOS!! パセリ城) is a very powerful character.
In “Konami World 2”, it is the character with the highest attack power among many characters, and it is a very popular character.
“Moonwind Demon”, “Konami World” and “Konami World 2” are all very classic works. If you have the opportunity, I suggest readers to try it!

The reborn “Moonwind Demon”

Moon Wind Demon: The Moon of Immortality“Inheriting the basic world view of the previous title “Moonwind Demon”, the graphics, characters, and game levels have all been completely renewed, and have become this modernRoguevania 2D action game(Roguevania: from Dead Cell, a self-created term combining Roguelike and Metroidvania)

Moon Wind Demon Bravely Enters the Hades
After a thousand years, with the resurrection of the dragon bone ghost
The seal of hell is unlocked
Demons and Demons Flurry
Doomsday turmoil has also come here
After the first generation “Wind Demon” destroyed the dragon bone ghost
The Yue clan continues to monitor hell
And the current twenty-seventh generation head
Go deep into hell in order to cut off the source of the change

“Moonwind Demon: The Moon of Immortality” Official Website

You can learn from the content of the story prologue written on the above official website that this work was previously written as “Moonwind Demon”Thousands of years laterThe story unfolded.
In this work, two protagonists with completely different abilities can be distinguished from “Moon Wind Demon“as well as”Moon lotus flower“Choose a character that suits you to play the game.”
※Yuelian Huawei downloads additional content for free.
In this byHorizontal exploration mapIn the endless hell that is formed, keep on advancing to the deepest part of the hell!

Moon Wind Demon

Moon Wind Demon
Moon Wind Demon

The twenty-seventh generation of Yueshi is the master, Yuefengmo.
It is well-known for its wisdom and courage. In order to find the source of this hell mutation and the unknown brother, he embarked on a bottomless journey to hell. At the same time, in order to fulfill the obligations of the Yue clan.

Moon lotus flower

Moon lotus flower
Moon lotus flower

The twentieth generation of female heads. It is praised as the first female ninja of Yueshi. Both talent and appearance make everyone fall for it. After she stepped into hell and disappeared, the earth screamed for it.

Steam launches an early access game with luxurious bonuses!

“GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon” (GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon) is expected to beOn Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2022roll out.

Although there is still some time before the release period, it is launched on SteamEarly access to the gameactivity!
Early access games are expected to beMay 14To2,728 yen(Approximately NT$711|HK$195) The price is launched first, not only can you play the game earlier than the Switch, but also comes with additionalLuxury benefits
There are about 30 pages in the deluxe special code where you can enjoy the detailed settingsDigital Art Collection, And a total of 15 songsSmall soundtrack


In addition, the red and white version of the previous work is also attached to the deluxe bonus.“The Legend of Moon Wind Demon” (Japanese Version)

Getsu Fuma Den
Moon Wind Demon

Although Wii U and 3DS players can still play “Moonwind Demon” through Virtual Console, it is a bit regrettable for players who do not have these two consoles.
However, as long as you purchase this new game on Steam, you can play the original “Moonwind Demon” for free.
With so many bonus codes but at such a low price, if you are impressed, you may wish to consider buying it when the game is launched in Early Access!
Interested readers, please go to the Steam “Moonwind Demon: The Undead Moon” product page, and continue to lock follow-up news!
For more details, please visit the official website of “Moonwind Demon: Immortal Moon” (Japanese)!


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