Resurrection arrives in the second school term

▲ Representative image from ‘Diablo 2: Resurrection’ (Image provided by Blizzard)

The second season of the School begins today, October 7, with a new opportunity for the brave heroes of Diablo 2: Resurrection to compete through Sanctuary and win powerful loot.

This season of School 2 is the first season to introduce new content such as the realm of fear and spell of destruction, and players are interested in how they will overcome the stronger power of the burning hell and how they will punish the greater demons dangerous. in a new way.

As in the previous season, School Season 2 provides four modes: school before using an expansion pack, hardcore school before installing the expansion pack, school, and hardcore school. At the end of the season, the site will be reset, but the character will be changed to non-school mode and can be used continuously, and valuable loot can be stored.

This season of School 2, you can enjoy an adventure with a changed Shanang formula, adding a field of fear and a talisman of destruction that allows for faster level up. In particular, the Amulet of Destruction has the effect of breaking the immune types of monsters in Hell difficulty when captured, allowing for more different class builds when hunting down powerful monsters with immunity. Instead of lowering the monster’s resistance, it also lowers the player’s resistance to that type of element, resulting in more damage, so it takes wisdom to use the destructive talisman most favorable to your character.

For more information on Diablo II: School of Resurrection season 2, starting today, check out the official blog post.

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