Retrospect has ‘Kao Jirayu’ as a new special singer. Taiwan concert tour

Retrospect has ‘Kao Jirayu’ as a new singer. Taiwan concert tour In which he will become a special singer for the band There are no contracts yet.

7 Dec. 2022 – The band’s official Facebook page Retrospect, a famous rock band Post is preparing to return to the show again in the concert RETROSPECT LIVE IN KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN 2022, which returns to play in 2 years.

More importantly, the band has released a new singer. To go on this concert tour too, that is “Kao” Jirayu Laongmanee, a famous actor who is an actor who is already a fan of rock-metal bands, will become a special singer for the band.

The band said they had fun throughout the rehearsals. and looking forward to working together this time In this tour there will be “No binding agreement” at all, there may be further collaboration or not, no one knows if the fans have heard and seen this collaboration and think that the band and Nine are suitable to work together. Don’t forget to keep cheering.

But certainly, at least the Timing of the tour and stage performances in this round. He will be a full part of Retrospect as the “Lead Singer” I hope you will honor him and give him the warm welcome you have always given the rest of Retrospect.

For those who are convenient or already in Taiwan, meet at the Kaohsiung Music Center at a MIK event on December 17.

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