“Return in a year” Ryu Hyun-jin “I have to transform into a cheerleader”

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Hyunjin Ryu, who underwent Tommy John surgery, appeared in a bright state.

He was confident of returning to the field a year later.

Correspondent Kim Soo-geun.

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Hyunjin Ryu underwent Tommy John surgery to remove all of the damaged left elbow ligament and attach another muscle ligament in its place.

I went to the locker room ten days after the operation.


“I have to cheer hard. I have to transform into a cheerleader.”

His expression was bright and he had a strong will to return.


“(If there was no hope for a comeback) I wouldn’t have had the surgery, and because of the surgery I was trying to throw in… and because of the fact that it continued to hurt and never hurt, I decided to do it (treatment) with certainty this time…”

My goal is to be on the mound in a year.


“I’m going to set it up for 12 months, and if I get it right, I’ll be able to (return) around this time next year, so I think I’ll be able to do it enough…”


Ha-Sung Kim of San Diego went on base three times with two walks and one hit.

After the walk, he sprinted to third base to the point where his helmet came off when the pitcher made a check, and he scored a valuable addition on the subsequent just-in-time hit.

In the 8th inning, he gave a home run hit and led the team to escape from a three-game losing streak.

Hyo-Jun Park of Pittsburgh also had a huge double in attack…

Defensively, he helped the team win with agile dive catches.

This is Kim Soo-geun from MBC News.

Video Editing: Minho Kim

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