Return of Suea Kim: The Battle for Redemption at ONE Lumpini 34

Suea Kim Ready to Make a Comeback at ONE Lumpini 34

Suea Kim, a striking boxer from Tong Prachin Police Station, is determined to get his first victory point in the upcoming battle against Zaman Assuri, also known as the Persian Lion. This historic fight is set to take place at ONE Lumpini 34, where Suea Kim plans to drop his weight to 140 pounds and be in the best shape of his life.

A Chance for Redemption

Suea Kim’s last appearance in the ring was almost four years ago, where he unfortunately suffered a knockout defeat to Russian fighter Kirill Komutov. Reflecting on his loss, Suea Kim admitted that the pressure and excitement got the better of him, hindering his performance. However, he sees this as an important lesson learned.

In his own words, Suea Kim shared, “My first fight at ONE Lumpini was overwhelming. The loud cheering from the crowd made me nervous and affected my rhythm. Although I accept the decision, I wish I had been given another chance to fight. The fire inside me still burns.”

A Promising Matchup

This time, Suea Kim will face Zaman Assyria, and he is confident that he will deliver a better performance. With his weight adjusted to 140 pounds and a revised training regimen, Suea Kim feels more comfortable and ready for the challenge.

Analyzing his opponent, Suea Kim identified that Zaman lost form in his previous fight. However, he acknowledges Zaman’s boxing skills and his willingness to engage in a fierce battle. Suea Kim intends to focus on self-defense and enhancing his offensive arsenal for a more impactful performance in this bout.

Where to Watch

ONE Lumpini 34 will be broadcasted live. Fans can watch the fight on (available in some countries), Facebook, YouTube ONE (available in some countries), and Channel 7HD (press 35) for live coverage. The event will commence at 7:30 pm, with Channel 7HD live signal starting at 8:30 pm.

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For the latest updates on ONE Championship and ONE Lumpini, visit the official website at The live broadcast of ONE Lumpini can be accessed through various channels, including Facebook and YouTube. Don’t miss out on this thrilling event.

Suea Kim, Tong Prachin Police Station” Get fit, drop your weight to 140 pounds, ready to fight “Saman”, determined to get your first victory point. Hope to create better work than before and impress everyone. In the historic battle of ONE Lumpini 34

Suea Kim, Tong Prachin Police Station” The 28-year-old striking boxer from Chanthaburi wants to come back and restore faith and compete for his first victory point against “Persian Lion (Lion of Persia)” Zaman Assuri, a 22-year-old skilled boxer from Iran in Muay Thai rules. Weight catch rating: 140 pounds in the big fight. ONE Lumpini 34 This Friday, September 22, at Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra)

Watch the clip from ONE Lumpini on July 21, 2023, Suea Kim Sor.Jor.Tong Prachin vs Kirill Komutov.

Suea Kim vs Kirill (21 July 2023)

“Tiger Muang Chan” has been absent from the ring for almost 4 years, had a chance to come back and make his debut at ONE Lumpini, but lost by knockout in the second round to “Kirill Komutov” , a Russian fighter. It’s a shame to go. He admitted that the pressure and excitement caused the results to not come out well. This is an important lesson that must be learned.

“My first fight at ONE Lumpini, I was excited because a lot of people came to cheer him on. The more I encountered the loud cheering, it made my heart flutter. I felt tense, making the rhythm of pulling out the weapon seem awkward. Whatever you’re thinking of doing, it’s too late. Personally, I accept the decision made. But if that last moment had given me a chance to get up and fight a little more, it would have been better. Because my heart still wants to fight.”

Suea Kim against Zaman

this fight”Suea Kim, Tong Prachin Police Station” Ready to fight at 140 pounds weight. I feel more comfortable with it. Hope to open the game to exchange”Zaman Assyria” was lost in the launch “Yodlekphet A.Atchariya” in ONE Lumpini 9 battle because each side wanted to open their first game and collect their first victory points. I think the work will come out better this time than before.

“For this fight, my weight was adjusted down to 140lbs because from the first fight I was still too sluggish. From what I saw, Zaman lost form in the last fight. He is a boxer who has boxing weapons that are hard and fast, he dares to trade moves and dares to fight, making me unable to be careless. Right now, I’m focusing on practicing self defense first. Including adding weapons for faster release. I have to be better in this fight.”

Fans can watch live coverage of the fight. ONE Lumpini 34 Via (some countries) Facebook & YouTube ONE (some countries) the first match starts at 7:30 pm and on Channel 7HD press 35 to start receiving the live signal at 8:30 pm

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