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Return of the Tom Cruise trophy and cancel the NBC broadcast… Spreading Golden Globe Boycott

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Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association (HFPA) logo. HFPA provided

Hollywood criticized the Golden Globe’s lack of conservatism and diversity, and took a massive boycott.

According to the US media deadline on the 10th (local time), Hollywood is participating in the Golden Globe boycott by voice of criticism toward the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association (HFPA), which is in charge of the Golden Globe.

In addition to Netflix, Amazon, and more than 100 Hollywood public relations companies urging HFPA to change, they made a statement, followed by Hollywood giant Warner Media, and the wave of HFPA boycotts in Hollywood is intensifying.

NBC, who participated in this boycott and broadcast the Golden Globe Awards, is not expected to air the 2022 Golden Globe Awards.

Actors are also participating in the Golden Globe boycott, writing criticism and returning trophies.

Mark Ruffalo, via social media (social network service), said, “It is disappointing that HFPA, which has gained popularity and profits from the participation of filmmakers and actors, resists the voices demanding change.” Pointed out.

Scarlett Johansson also pointed out sexist questions and comments from HFPA members who are close to sexual harassment, criticizing that “if there is no fundamental reform within the organization, it is time to step back from HFPA.”

Tom Cruise participated in the HFPA boycott by returning three Golden Globe Acting Award trophies to HFPA, which he received as’born July 4′,’Jerry Maguire’ and’Magnolia’. Deadline predicted that other actors could return the trophy.

Actor Scarlett Johansson, Tom Cruise and Mark Ruffalo participate in the Golden Globe boycott. Provided by each distributor

As Hollywood’s boycott movement took off in earnest, HFPA introduced reform proposals such as hiring black reporters, but it is pointed out that there is a lack of substantial reform efforts. Foreign media analyzed that the Golden Globe is at the crossroads of existence.

Boycott signs have already started appearing since the last awards ceremony. The Golden Globe is also famous for its conservatism and exclusivity. The US film’Minari’ (director Isak Jeong) proved its closedness again by being nominated for the Foreign Language Film Awards without being listed in the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

‘Buttercup’ is a film about the lives of immigrants in the United States produced by an American production company and distributed by an American distributor, but it goes beyond the closed nature of the Golden Globe, with the guidelines that’if 50% or more of a foreign language other than English is used, it is classified as a foreign language film’. I didn’t. Accordingly, voices criticizing the Golden Globe have increased in Hollywood.

Regarding the boycott, Collider said, “It is unclear whether HFPA will try to find a place to broadcast the Golden Globe anywhere other than NBC, or whether it will self-reform.” I hope you listen.”

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