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no longer displayedAn extension that can redisplay “low scores” of YouTube videos is “Return of YouTube Dislike(RYD)“in. “The evaluation of the content flooding the world should be 100 people,” so I tried to display the number of low ratings again on YouTube, which has become difficult to understand the specific evaluation by introducing the function extend this.

YouTube Return Disliked

RYD is available on five major browsers, including Firefox and Chrome. This time I will use the Firefox version.

extension pageGo and click “Add to Firefox”.

Click “Add” to complete the installation.

If you watch a YouTube video without installing the extension, you can see that “high scale” shows buttons and numbers, but “low scale” only shows buttons.

When RYD is enabled, it looks like this. The number of low ratings will now be displayed.

RYD records the number of high and low ratings pushed by the extension submitter, and displays that number along with the actual number of low ratings obtained from the YouTube database. However, after December 13, 2021, it is no longer possible to get the actual number of low ratings, so videos released after this date are calculated based on the following formula. For example, if the number of low evaluations from extension users is 500, the number of high evaluations is 1000, and the number of high evaluations from inactives is 3000, the number of low evaluations displayed for extension users will be 1500 .The progress is increasing. . In other words, the number of low ratings that can be seen using RYD is only an estimate.

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