‘Return’ Seo Hee-win, ♥ Koo Jun-yeop tattoo on his chest? public photo

(Export News Reporter Lee Chang-gyu) While Taiwanese actor and wife Seo Hee-won (Xu Si-yuan), Taiwanese actress and wife Jun-yeop Gu, resumed her social media activities and reported on her current situation, her tattoo just attracting attention.

Seo Hee-won posted a video on her Instagram on the 20th of a cosmetic commercial and filming site she works as a model for.

In the released video, Seo Hee-won was filming in a white dress. Her beauty, who lit up the filming site with a beautiful smile, drew attention.

At the same time, his stylist and others have released pictures of the scene, and it looks like a halo is shining on his face.

In particular, he had a tattoo of a ‘K’ engraved on the middle of his chest. The initial ‘K’ for adult Goo Jun-yeop ‘Ko’, showing her affection for her husband.

Meanwhile, Seo Hee-won, who was born in 1976 and turned 46, married Gu Jun-yeop in March.

Photo = stylist’s Instagram

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