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After a calm storm the sky is always clear. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics had previously faced serious problems with COVID-19 poisoning. Hit hard Until having to step aside Postpone the competition From the middle of last year to between 23 Jul-8 Aug next year

But it seems that the wind direction has improved. Began to see more light at the end of the tunnel.

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Khunying Pattama Leesawattrakul An International Olympic Committee (IOC) committee said in previous hotspots that the IOC, chaired by President Thomas Bach, had coordinated with the host Japan in order to keep the game going.

Japan is working hard to develop a toolbox system to combat COVID. By working with the organizing committee of allied parties International Sports Federation Including the World Health Organization

Later, the results of the vaccine test against the dangerous virus of the famous pharmaceutical company It came out satisfactory, with more than 90 percent results ever.

And most recently, IOC President Thomas Bach also traveled to Tokyo. Japan Earlier this week

He met Yoshihide Suka, the new Prime Minister of Japan for the first time, after just 15 minutes of chatting via video conferencing in October.

Of course, both of them joined hands. Ready to move forward to organize the Olympics at 100 percent

Importantly, Prime Minister Suga insisted that the Olympics would be a big proof that humanity can defeat COVID-19.

At the same time, the IOC Chairman took this opportunity. Attend a meeting with the competition management department Went to track the availability of various stadiums

Check out the athlete village located on the river that can accommodate 9,000 athletes, a restaurant that can accommodate 5,000 athletes.

And go see the Olympic torch light Located in the National Museum The host plans to start a fire run across the country again on March 25 next year before bringing it to the spot at the opening ceremony on 23 July.

It then expressed confidence that next year’s Olympics would be able to bring sports fans around the world to the tournament. And hopefully the vaccine will develop and become more practical for athletes and staff members Before the start of the competition

All these progress on the surface may just be a regular tracking of the competition readiness of both sides. After this game was announced, postponed 8 months ago.

But actually, if you look deeply This meeting is considered a symbolic sign that is very clear. That the Olympics are gearing up to move forward again in full, unstoppable After the factors surrounding the support Be more heartfelt than the past

In other words, the 2020 Olympics are back on track to be one more round and say it.

Comfortable sports fans counting down to Road to Tokyo

Let’s go at the same time …

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