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[RE:TV] ‘Penthouse’ Kim So-yeon and Eugene compete again… Choi Ye-bin pressure → Kim Hyun-soo intrude

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‘Penthouse’ Kim So-yeon again faced Eugene and drew attention with a vicious appearance.

In the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama’Penthouse’ (played by Kim Soon-ok/director Dong-min Joo), which aired at 10:10 pm on the 27th, Oh Yun-hee (played by Yujin) who decided to send her daughter Bae Rona (played by Kim Hyun-soo) to the Cheong-A Preview High School is drawn. lost.

Oh Yoon-hee said, “Do you know what to do to my dear daughter? No matter how good your lessons are, you’re nothing to me. You’ll get into it with your skills. If you don’t disturb yourself,” Oh Yoon-hee said. “He said. Cheon Seo-jin warned that he would report him as a crime of obstruction, saying that he fell in delusion and consciousness of damage by Oh Yoon-hee’s provocation. However, Oh Yoon-hee quietly put down the trophy for the Cheong-A Art Festival and left confidently saying, “I’ll come back to get this trophy. I’ve come to say that”.

Cheon Seo-jin’s daughter, Ha Eun-byul (played by Choi Ye-bin), asked if Barona was going to come to Cheong-A Pre-High School, and Cheon Seo-jin said to Ha Eun-byul, “That’s not happening. I can’t do that already. It’s bluffing.”

Then, Seo-jin Cheon sent a poisonous look toward Ha Eun-byul and pressed Cheong-A Ye High School’s senior admission. Seo-jin Cheon said, “I invited my grandfather and famous overseas vocalists for you,” he said.

In addition, Seojin Cheon said, “I did my best to make you the best.” Gave a burden to him. Cheon Seo-jin was angry with the emphasis on practice.

Chun Seo-jin was conscious of Oh Yoon-hee and took measures to prevent Barona from finding a tutor. In addition, he bought Madogi (Ha Do-kwon), who claimed to be Barona’s tutoring teacher, and gave him different guidelines for entrance exams. In addition, Seo-jin Cheon bought the judges and eventually eliminated Baerona.

Barona was on the first list of preliminary passers, and she added regret with Seo-jin Cheon, mother Oh Yoon-hee, who has a bad relationship, and screaming at the poor environment.

On the other hand, SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse’ is a drama about the real estate and education war waged at No.1 house price and No.1 education due to the distorted desire that cannot be satisfied.

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