[RE:TV] ‘Unbelievable’ Kang Soo-ji and Kim Kook-jin, calling for’overnight stay’ full of love from a loving couple

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‘Burning Youth’ Kang Su-ji and Kim Guk-jin couple on the phone and showed off their affection for each other, making everyone happy.

In the SBS entertainment program’Burning Youth’ (hereinafter referred to as’Anxiety’), which aired on the afternoon of the 24th, married youths who were together on the trip tried to connect the phone to each spouse to give permission to stay overnight. On this day, along with Suji Kang, Moonyoung Kang, Wanseon Kim, Yeonsu Lee, Kwon Gwon, Gwanggyu Kim, Jaehong Park, and Seongguk Choi, Jaehong Park’s “awakening friend” (a Jeolla-do dialect meaning a perfect friend) and baseball legend Lee Jongbeom joined.

The phone connection between Kang Soo-ji and Kim Kook-jin, produced by ‘Uncomfortable’, has been established. Kang Soo-ji informed Kim Kook-jin’s phone call, saying, “I’m going to sleep”, and Kim Kook-jin laughed and answered, “Okay,” and drew attention. The young people greeted each other happily, asking their regards to Kim Kook-jin’s voice after a long time.

Kang Moon-young promised to reunite in’Unsolicited’ saying, “Come to play. I miss you so much” to Kim Kook-jin. Kim Gook-jin shouted “Son of the Wind!” at Lee Jong-beom’s greetings and talked about the game of Lee Jong-beom’s son and baseball player Lee Jung-hoo. In addition, Kim Kook-jin admired, saying, “It is an unbelievable pride that the Son of the Wind has come to play.”

When Kim Kook-jin was puzzled that Gwang-gyu Kim allowed Kang Su-ji to stay overnight, he laughed loudly, saying, “I know what’s going on there.” In response, Gwang-gyu Kim handed over the phone to Su-ji Kang, saying, “I will change my love.”

Kang Soo-ji, who received the phone call, was worried to Kim Gook-jin, “Can I sleep alone?”, and Kim Guk-jin, “What do I do. I should barely sleep even if it’s hard,” and boasted a breath of fantasy. Afterwards, Kang Su-ji drew attention by receiving a call from Kim Kook-jin again and talking on the phone behind the youth.

On the other hand, SBS’Burning Youth’ is a reality program that shows the process of becoming true friends by getting to know each other naturally, and broadcasts every Tuesday at 11:15 pm.

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