[RE:TV] ‘Urban Fisherman 2’Lee Deok-hwa, the first number of flatfish instead of red snapper… Official’Laugh Button’

Channel A’City Fisherman 2’© News 1

‘City Fisherman 2’Lee Deok-hwa reunited with flatfish and laughed.

Channel A’s entertainment program’Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman 2′(hereinafter referred to as’Urban Fisherman 2′) broadcasted at 9:50 pm on the 19th shows the appearances of urban fishermen fighting red bream fishing in Wando, Jeollanam-do.

A heavy bite came to Lee Deok-hwa’s fishing rod and everyone’s attention was drawn. Those who were convinced of the giant red snapper soon burst into laughter at the flounder that appeared. Lee Deok-hwa met flatfish in the last long-tailed Benedom and Bushuri side.

Due to the inseparable relationship with flatfish, Lee Deok-hwa added laughter to’Deok-gwang-i hyung’ and’Lee Kwang-eo’. Deok-Hwa Lee responded to the fever of city fishermen’s hot interviews holding a 58cm-long flatfish. Lee Deokhwa said, “It’s crazy flatfish. I’m ashamed to die.”

Contrary to the words, Lee Deok-hwa’s continuous laughter asked, “Isn’t it a happy annoyance?” and Lee Deok-hwa exclaimed “I’m not happy!” Lee Deok-hwa expressed his regret, saying, “Maybe my badge may be stolen. I’m embarrassed to die. (Floral) comes out like a crazy guy without even attempting.”

Lee Deok-hwa, who was running at the end of the day with the ground row because he could not catch a single red sea bream throughout the morning fishing, was relieved by fishing 31 cm long red sea bream when the afternoon fishing began. Lee Deok-hwa, who succeeded in holding a badge, followed closely behind Kim Joon-hyun, a’badge beggar’ who took the lead while fishing for two consecutive red snappers.

Following this, Lee Deok-hwa’s fishing rod was bent greatly, drawing attention. The moment they struggled with anticipation of the giant red snapper, it was defense that appeared. Lee Deok-hwa expressed his regrets.

On this day, Kim Joon-hyun became the protagonist of the golden badge. Lee Soo-geun in 2nd place, Lee Deok-hwa in 3rd place, Lee Tae-gon in 4th place, Lee Gyeong-gyu in 5th place, and Sang-Ryeol Ji in 6th place. As a dinner, Lee Deok-hwa was on the flatfish island award, and Lee Tae-gon trembled to Lee Deok-hwa, saying, “Is it a flatfish in my brother’s past life? How do I catch flatfish every time?”

On the other hand, Channel A’Urban Fisherman 2’is broadcasted every Thursday at 9:50 pm with a real fishing variety of Il Hee Il-bi crying and laughing at a single meat.

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