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[RE:TV] ‘You Quiz’ Brave Girls “The daily life before reverse driving…” Even a member who prepared for a job

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The girl group Brave Girls recalled the difficult past.

In the tvN entertainment program’You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 17th, Brave Girls, who recently caused a reverse driving syndrome, attracted attention.

Brave Girls is a team that stands at the center of the topic with a song called’Rolin’ after facing the crisis of dissolution. I performed a consolation performance with’Rolin’, which was released in 2017, but the video got a hot response lately, and recently it was ranked No. 1 in the music ranking program.

In particular, the Brave Girls was regretful when they confessed that they had to find a way to live until just before the reverse driving syndrome. The members who were asked “how have you been before the reverse driving?” said, “I was active with a song called’I only drive’ a while ago, but as soon as the song came out, the typhoon and the rainy season started.” At that time, he was not able to do his or her activities properly, such as the music broadcast.

Member Yuna honestly said, “After that, I thought this album was the last, so there was no hope.” Eunji said, “I was thinking about what to do, and thinking about trying my favorite clothes, I was preparing. Secretly behind the scenes,” she laughed.

Yoojeong said he was preparing for a job in earnest. He confessed, “I was studying Korean history while preparing for a job. Objectively, what I could do was finding a job,” he confessed. Next, Yuna added, “There was nothing new that came to mind. I worked at a cafe, and I liked coffee, so I was looking for it. I got a barista license recently.”

Among them, Minyoung said, “I had a lot of regrets about the team. I have been telling the members to hold on to it more, but I couldn’t do it anymore,” he said, creating regret.

Eventually, Yoo-jeong and Yuna said that they had removed their luggage from the hostel. Yoojung said, “Even if I was a little young, I would have been able to withstand it, but I was too old because I was too frustrated. I tried hard to release the album, but it didn’t work well, so it didn’t seem like we could stand.” He said, “I tried to talk about organizing the group. The time I was going to talk to the CEO was the day before the video of the reverse driving was uploaded,” and surprised the MCs.

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