‘Reunion refusal’ Eli, the reason why Jiyeonsoo, who is everything, continues to touch? – Reporter Yoo Su-yeon

We analyzed the behavior of Jiyeon-soo, who is all YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, and Eli, who refused to reunite.

On the 4th, on the YouTube channel ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’, a video titled “The skinship that Ji Yeon-soo was surprised at… Why Eli is noticing it” was posted.

In the video, Jinho Lee selected ‘continuous skinship with Jiyeonsoo’ among the voices of criticism towards Eli.

YouTube ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’

Referring to the episode of TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorced 2’, which aired on the 3rd, Lee Jin-ho broke his luck by saying, “On this day, during the conversation between the two, Eli is seen holding Jiyeon-soo’s knee.”

He continued, “It’s not just this skinship. I’ve seen Eli holding Jiyeonsoo’s hand before,” he said. “Actually, skinship is the key to leading these couples to reunite. came out,” he said.

To this, he said, “I don’t know if skinship really is Eli’s will. Even when I contacted the parties, I had no choice but to hear the answer, ‘I can’t talk because I have talked to the production team of Uihon.’ But an interesting fact in the process “I caught one,” he said. It’s a past production of the production team of ‘We Got Married 2’.

Lee Jin-ho said, “PD Lee Guk-yong, who directed ‘We Got Married 2’, has directed an entertainment show called ‘Taste of Love’ in the past. I had a real girlfriend, and I got a lot of attention when I hugged Kim Jin-ah, who is the other person, and crossed arms,” he said.

He continued, “Actually, at this time, some of the performers suffered and struggled with this skinship problem. It was because such environments and situations were continuously created independently of their own intentions.”

Lastly, Jinho Lee said, “Four years have passed, and this skinship scene continues to the couple Eli and Jiyeonsoo. The way they look at Minsu and the way they look at Jiyeonsoo are polar opposites,” said Lee Jinho. is noteworthy,” he added.
Reporter Yoo Su-yeon [email protected]

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