Reusse: The boxer Jim Beattie dies; Minnesota story went off

Reusse: The boxer Jim Beattie dies; Minnesota story went off

Jim Beattie in 1968. Photo by United Press International.

Jim Beattie died this week. He was 77. He was a heavy heavy boxer and had one of the most interesting stories you could get among Minnesota athletes for the past 60 years.

Search for today 's Beattie technology and there are many articles from Robert Lipsyte, who created his foundations for goodness as a writer by covering a boxing for the New York Times.

Jack Mann. Red Smith. Forward and forward. Jim Beattie had something to offer in those 33 months of East Coast's coastal sports legends, since he came to New York City in April 1963 to look for the world's heavyweight championship, until January 1966, when he “involuntarily retired for himself”; at New York State Athletic Commission.

Where did she become famous, New York in the early 60s, with the repeal of Frank Gifford with the football Giants, and the Yankees de Maris and Mantle, with Casey Stengel and the National League back as a reassuring affair? Mets, and with characters like the publicity Sch Schoor sell high story to sports writers.

A legend created for James J. Beattie, a young boxer from St Paul, chosen in a national search for the next heavyweight champion. He started with a classified ad that Schoor put in many newspapers, promising $ 10,000 a year and all the training costs paid “and you're learning” the skills needed for the heavy-weight crown win.

Schoor and his partners – Bill Nicholson, Sy Krieg and Phil Krupin – Kid Galahad, Inc. ordered. and the candidates were made the Kid Galahad Boxers.

Eventually Beattie was the chosen one among half a dozen competitors. He came to New York, and was built to the top of the Empire State Building and so Beattie was told: “Look around, kid. Some day this will be for you all. ''

He was training in Gleason's Gym, where the media showed progress “Kid Galahad” to check with trainer Freddie Fierro, who went back to Billy Conn.

What a 20-year-old old person from most blue-background backgrounds of St. Paul's backgrounds said, walking down the crowded streets in Manhattan, and being recognized, and every 20th someone asks, 'How is the weather?'

Jeff Beattie, the second of three sons of Jim and five children, laughed and said: “He really enjoyed it. He enjoyed people. He loves walking into a room and accepting the conversation. He loves to be a person.

According to Schoor, Beattie was the first boxer 7 feet. The reporters said, “The child says he is 6-foot-8 and three-quarters,” Schoor replied: “That's because he is shy about his height. Trust me. It is a 7 year footer. ''

Also, Schoor says: “Make sure you put the name of the stew in the article. Jimmy Johnston. Second Avenue. The best steamers at home. ''

Schoor, Nicholson, Krieg and Krupin were partners in the steak house. When the advertisement was placed on a heavy-weight champion, the Times asked and Schoor claimed that the group had $ 100,000 to spend to find it and then train his Kid Galahad.

Was not. Luckily, they were supported by a “rich” building man in New York to fund the effort.

“What you think Jeff Beattie said this week. “My dad came as a 20-year-old child from St. Paul's and eventually found out that he was working for the Mafia. Not working like that, that was the source of money.

“He met some of those guys. He met everyone. As I said… he liked it. ''


John Wareham, our researcher in the Star Tribune, got the Lipsyte stories and other Beattie content for me on Thursday. I started reading this, and the details of Beattie's story were renewed.

For over ten years, Beattie has lived well in selling precious metals, trying to convince people to buy gold, silver and all that good, coming here and there at local boxing events, and he didn't call. I never and I asked:

“Jim, do you have a few hours to talk about Kid Galahad's, to talk about Jim Brady's; to play as James Earl Jones's foil in the 1970 film, 'The Great White Hope,'; to talk about addiction and sobriety, relapse and recovery?

Even enough smiling it, reading Lipsyte and others, but with this knowledge it was:

I said hello to Jim Beattie a few times, shook hands with him, but I never sat and I heard the stories. What a dummy. Me. Not it.

Schoor's exaggerated stories during the Beatduie buildup, including Beattie's gawdy record as a carnival boxer, everyone's pioneer, every year, as well as one KO of a police horse.

“He spent at least one summer as a teenager as a carnival boxer,” said Jeff Beattie. “I know, as I would go to the State Fair with him, that we were going to what was called the observational show,” and that he knew all those people.

Putting you the police horse? ‘'I'm not sure,' 'said Jeff. “I know that Blazing Saddles was one of his favorite films and he was laughing hard when Mongo donated the horse.

I also lost: The story of his first combat as “Kid Galahad,” 'as a 5-foot-8 Duke Johnson – official time, 24 seconds – on May 28, 1963, at Sunnyside Garden in Queens.

Beattie TKO's next fight was in August by a coarse fighter named Johnny Barazza. Perhaps that is the first time the trainer Fierro and Beattie used the excuse that Jim is a hypochondriac and that he could be too high.

From Nimrod Carmichael to Scott LeDoux: Jim Beattie's boxing record

Truly. In January 1966, when the New York Athletic Commission was listening to Beattie's fitness to continue boxing, and “pleurisy” and “nasal congestion” said they were suffering, Fierro said:

“It's a hypo… taking 8, 10 pads a day.

Various times. An apology was accepted as an apology.

Back in 1963, Beattie replied for the loss of Barazza to a striking nine-year strike to start, including the Wipperman Dick. He lost a shared decision by James Woody, then he won five more consecutive, including the fifth best round with KO of BostonTom McNeeley.

Then, on December 10, 1965, he fought Woody again, in Madison Square Garden, and it was a shame loss. Beattie could not defend himself or attack.

A month later, the New York commission released the involuntary retirement arrangement after a three day hearing, the contract with Kid Galahad ended, and he came to St Paul and started work with Glen Flanagan.

Jim Beattie got a strong right on Dick Wipperman in June 1967. Photo by Donald Black / Star Tribune

He resumed boxing in September 1966 and put together a series of prizes, mostly in Minnesota. On August 25, 1968, Met Center was a major promoter with Beattie undertaking Buster Mathis.

Beattie vs Buster was fighting enough that Lipsyte was present to cover him for the Times. The blooming buster was in recent fights and his star had fallen, but he showed in shape and broke it Beattie.

He lost more four months later on Tommy Fields at the Slipper Silver in Las Vegas and Beattie, this time voluntarily. And he met that until mid-1976, when he started coming back with KO of Bill Jackson at the Prom Center in St. Paul.

Jack Mann, in the Washington Post section, noted that Beattie was coming back when he saw an Associated Press report fought at the Ramada Inn in Oklahoma City in February 1977. Write Mann:

“It couldn't be [him.] Still, how much 6-foot-8 James J. Beatties might be from St. Paul recently? How old would it be now, the handsome tower of roseate meat to tremble and bond after five round abuse in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a hot midnight in 1963?

“Thirty-three,” said Jim Beattie, “and I finally grew up in this big body. I am faster and stronger than ever. ''

The return came so his climbing point on February 20, 1979, against Minnesotan Scott LeDoux colleagues at Met Center. It was billed as a 'grudge match', though it could still be used to sell regional fights in those days with the availability of Beattie and LeDoux's funny personality.

LeDoux stopped Big Jim. There were a few other losses followed by Beattie, and then he retired for a container. Even with the three to lose at the end of his career, he was 40-10 with 32 versions as pro. He was also 50-5 as an amateur, with four direct weight titles from 1959 to 1962 in the Midwest Golden Gloves.


The Kid's story can survive. All you have to do is trace the “The Great White Hope,” to the six minute fighting scene at the end of the 1970 movie.

Jim Beattie takes the beat from James Earl Jones (based on the story of Jack Johnson's heavy-hearted champion) in the final climbing scene, before the Kid pulled him to knock it out, to the core girls from the white audience.

It was filmed outside in Barcelona to replicate the heat in Havana on April 5, 1915, when Jess Willard took the title from Johnson, among Johnson's great heavyweight champion.

“The whole family went to Barcelona to do the filming,” said Jeff Beattie. “We stayed in a nice hotel. Everything paid, everything first class.

“We have had a time of our lives. Dad wasn't happy with him. He loved the action, his excitement. He said, imse I think I could do this' '‘'

There are no more actual movies. Many alcohol. Married three times. Mary, the mother of three sons, found the joy of St. Paul in New York, a divorce. So did Joey, mother of Alyssa.

Vanessa's mother Peggy was with Jim until the end; able to obtain the last 20 years of sobriety.

“He is not a violent man; it was love; he wanted his friend to be his friend, 'said Jeff Beattie. “But it couldn't be foreseen. He had that part, whatever it was, when women ended up with Dad, they didn't want to do much with him.

“He needed ongoing confirmation. I said Peggy kept that talent, telling him how much love he had every day.

Jeff paused and said: “He was always a seller, our father.

He had an early experience with the Kid Galahad dancer Gene Schoor. This may be friction.

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