Reuters: North Korea suffers cyber attack and shuts down entire internet

Source photo courtesy of Yonhap News

North Korea was attacked by a cyberattack this morning and the entire internet appeared to be down for six hours, Reuters reported, citing British cybersecurity experts.

“There was a denial of service or DDoS attack in North Korea this morning,” said Junard Ali, a British internet security researcher.

Ali, who monitors North Korea’s web and email servers, said, “During the peak of cyberattacks, all traffic to and from North Korea was down.”

After that, access to the server handling e-mail was possible, but access failures and delays continued to institutional sites such as the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Koryo Air, and the North Korean government’s official portal ‘Naenara’.

DDoS is a cyberattack that puts a burden on the server through mass access attempts.

“It’s common for a server to go offline for a period of time, but it’s not uncommon for a server to go offline because the entire internet goes down,” said Ali.



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