Home Health Revealing 42,091 ATK test results in Bangkok communities, 4,819 cases were found in Siam Rath.

Revealing 42,091 ATK test results in Bangkok communities, 4,819 cases were found in Siam Rath.

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Bangkok Bangkok CCRT performance report 15 Jul-22 Aug. 21
3,190 screened communities
■People who received services 176,963
■Public group 608 vaccinated (age 60+ / 7 disease groups / pregnant women) 121,371
42,091 people tested for COVID-19 with ATK
▪︎ 4,819 infected
– Take 153 to hospital
– Delivered to the waiting center (CI) 165 cases
– Isolated at home (HI) 4,501
▪︎ 37,272 cases of infection were not found.
(Information as of 22 Aug. 21)

In this regard, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, by the Department of Health, District Offices, and all 69 public health service centers, integrates cooperation with security officials. Security Emergency Situation Action Center (Mor. KMITL), Public Health Volunteers (Public Organization) Volunteer Volunteer 904 and the people’s sector. Organize a proactive prevention and solution team for COVID-19 problems, Bangkok Comprehensive Covid-19 Response Team (Bangkok CCRT) to visit communities in all 50 Bangkok areas between July 15 – August 31, 20 by doing duties as follows:

1️. Community survey to find risk groups, such as the elderly, those with 7 congenital diseases (severe chronic respiratory disease) cardiovascular disease Stage 5 chronic kidney disease, stroke, obesity, weighing more than 90 kg, diabetes, all types of cancer undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy), and pregnant women.

2️. Provide screening services to find Covid-19 infected in the community with the Antigen Test Kit.

3️. Provide preliminary medical treatment before being referred to hospital. By dispensing herbal medicine Andrographis paniculata and provides advice on home isolation (HI: Home Isolation) and provides HI kits to patients who are able to self-isolate at home. For those who are unable to self-quarantine at home The team will bring the patient to a waiting center for referral (CI : Community Isolation).

Quarantine high-risk contacts at home and hand over HQ: Home Quarantine or send them to LQ: Local Quarantine as appropriate.

5️. Provide vaccination services to high-risk groups, including the elderly, those with 7 congenital diseases, and pregnant women.

6. Communicate and understand Educate people about COVID-19 as well as keeping oneself away from COVID-19

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