Revealing 5 cool young men Winner of the best Thai boy band “LAZ iCON, pop icon, top debut” : Maya Channel

from contestants or trainees who dream of becoming a new generation of artists that have been selected into

list “LAZ iCON” pop icon, top debutant Opportunity list and inspiring Thai youths to hunt for their dreams of becoming an artist Of the 35 trainees who had to devote to practicing and overcome various obstacles To show the potential of singing and dancing to prove to the 3 judges such as Ohm Cocktail , Da Endorphine , Chin Chinnawut and viewers at home Seeing the development of various talents on stage every week for over 3 full months, their competitive path Arrived at the Final Stage to decide which of the top 5 trainees was? to be selected to debut as “LAZ iCON” Lazada Thailand brand ambassador and become a group artist under the label One 31 that is preparing to shake up the Thai T-POP industry to be world-famous

by item “LAZ iCON” pop icon, top debutant in this judging round was broadcast live onChannel One 31 in the nightSunday Jan 9 In the past, the contestants who passed the final stage, the last 18 people were divided into 3 teams, starting with the stage team “Mutelu” with 6 young members Frank, Cheetah, off-road, contender, starter and Tah Wu which can not participate in the filming in this round due to health problems, which the remaining 5 young men was showing dance moves until the stage was on fire Followed by a very touching show from team“lean” which has Chester, Samui, Diamond, Smart, First, Prue made the 3 judges sway along and culminated with a fun show from team “The striped tiger” with Mai Ek, Bun, Tatem, Geller, B, Pooh Come out and draw patterns until friends, students in the Stu, can’t sit still, get up and dance along. All of them have leveraged their accumulated skills and abilities to fight with all their might. Until it’s a fun show that makes it difficult for the audience to decide how to rate them. In addition, the three judges spoke of admiration for their charm. and singing skill The dance of every team that has developed and is ready to become a real boy band. and also give good comments to use as a guideline for following your dreams with the contestants of all 3 teams impressively, then the youngPut Putthichai have forwarded the wood to DJ Ong Khemarat Served as the presenter for the announcement of the results today. and end with a special show from 35 trainees with a song “never” and music “Important” Ending the season with an impressive atmosphere Before announcing the voting results that the 5 contestants who received votes from home audiences across the country who participated in sending votes through the application LAZADO make them both 5 win stepping up to debut as “LAZ iCON” namely

1. Tah Wu – Pittaya Sae Chua Independent trainee, very talented, complete with vocals and the most dazzling dancing style that can score up to 3,969,473 votes

2. Off-road – Kantaphon Jindathaveephon trainees from the Atime 26 charming young man who overcome various obstacles until able to develop singing and dancing to be accepted withscore 3,845,003 votes

3. Daimon – Narakorn Nichakul Thanachotsuk Independent trainee, dedicated young man and never abandon childhood dreams with score 3,249,288 votes

4. Geller- Krittimuk Chanchuen Trainees from Handsome Entertainment very young who has a character that catches the eye of the audience withscore 3,240,571 votes

5. Pentaw – Jeerapat Phimanprom Trainees from Insight Entertainment who has a unique smile with a wide variety of abilitiesscore 2,248,515 votes

All of these are the top 5 winning trainees who will step into the Thai T-POP industry, which will extend to the international stage.



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