Revealing Putin’s attitude, why Russia is anti-LGBTQ

The new law, approved by the Russian parliament on Thursday, says any act or information that is considered an attempt to promote homosexuality in public, online, in film, books or advertisements will face heavy fines. In the past, the law used to only prohibit propaganda. LGBTQ per child only

Alexander Kinsteen, a politician who helped design the bill, said last month.

“LGBTQ today is an element of hybrid warfare. (Hybrid Warfare) and in this hybrid war we have to defend our values, our society and our children.”

This MP’s attitude might say some level behind the law. But in Russia, President Vladimir Putin’s opinion is probably more significant.

Back on February 13, 2020, Putin had declared that Russia will not legalize same-sex marriage as long as it remains in the Kremlin. He also made it clear that he will not allow traditional parents to be overturned by what he calls “Parent Number 1” and “Parent Number 2”.

“Regarding parent number 1 and parent number 2, I have already spoken to people. and he will say again As long as I am president This will never happen. There will only be father and mother.”

Throughout his two decades in power Putin is a close ally of the Orthodox Church. and trying to lead Russia away from liberal Western values ​​including attitudes towards homosexuals and gender fluidity.

The comments on not legalizing same-sex marriage in Russia came after Putin met with a state committee to discuss constitutional amendments that would allow him to stay in office for up to a year.

Then, a few months later, on the 4th of July, after the Russians had already voted for a new constitution. Putin made mocking comments at the US embassy in Moscow raising a rainbow flag to celebrate Independence Day, saying he had revealed something to US embassy officials.

Reliving Russia’s history against homosexuality

2022 marks the 10th anniversary of President Putin’s first law against citizens based on their sexual orientation. prohibited by law The first “Homosexuality and Childhood Propaganda” was passed in March 2012 covering St Petersburg.

The website reports that Even if it seems like it’s the same story But in Putin’s mind, Ukraine’s war against LGBTQ rights that Russia has waged for decades is two sides of the coin. These people are scapegoats in the state media. portrayed as a representation of western influences The Russian queer community was a wake-up call to widespread opposition to the West after Putin returned to the presidency in 2012.

Last September, Putin, 70, once again condemned same-sex parents.

“We want this in our country. Is it really in Russia that it becomes Parent 1, Parent 2 or Parent 3 rather than “Mother” and “Dad”?

Therefore, the latest bill passed by the House of Representatives is awaiting approval from the Senate and Putin himself. It is another example of Russia’s stance under President Putin towards LGBTQ people.

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