revealing that the digital lottery only has 17 repeating numbers, this time the winning 102 million has broken the previous record

After the Government Lottery Office The government lottery prize was drawn on March 1, 2023. The 1st prize number was 417652, the 3 page prize number was 577, 919, the last 3 digits were 748, 984 and the last 2 digits was 55.

Most recently, Mr Lawon Sangsanit, Director General of the Department of Revenue As Chairman of the Government Board, the Government Lottery announced that the result of the government lottery draw for March 1, 2023, with 1st prize number 417652.

From the inspection of digital lottery buyers for the period on March 1, 2023, with a total of 17,044,000 tickets sold, it appears that a total of 17 prize winners with a total prize money of 102 million baht received total prize money of 102 million baht

Lt. Col. Noon Sanakhom, director of the Government Lottery Office, revealed that one person won the lottery, totaling 17 tickets, receiving a record-breaking prize of 102 million baht. It has the highest prize winner Continuing from the draw on 16 November 2022, with 15 first prize winners totaling 90 million baht and 1 December 2022, with 16 first prize winners totaling 96 million baht in the past.

The Lottery Office confirms that the Office has no policy to include digital lottery sets sold through the “Pao Tang” application in any way, with all digital lotteries. Each item is selected by the buyer. and enter the number into the system to find out at that time what lottery numbers are available Where those who win up to 17 tickets have a chance to happen. Because more than 17 million digital tickets have been sold in the system, among these there will be tickets with the same number. Each number at most 17 cards

Colonel Noon further confirmed that the Lottery Office does not include the set for sale, each number is the buyer’s choice. who has a chance to get the same number If it can be bought quickly and in the system, there are still lotteries of traders in the sales department through the application. “pocket” At the same time, there is no policy to limit the number of purchases from buyers, allowing them to buy as many tickets as they want. To comply with the mechanism of buyers and sellers.