Revealing the cause of the car crashing on the side of the road in one day, 9 cars in a row, officers speed up to clear the road surface, reduce accidents

Revealing the cause, 9 car accident on the side of the road in one day, officers rush to clear the road surface, reduce accidents, warn road users to be more careful to pass through

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from a car accident that fell on the side of the road on Suwinthawong Road Starlight Intersection in Bangkok. Wang Takhian Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chachoengsao Province, where accidents often occur in the same area and on September 26, 2022, just one day Nine cars crashed down the side of the road in a row, causing criticism on media social. According to the news already


Regarding such cases, on September 27, 2022, Mr. Tossaporn Payurawong, Deputy Director of the Chachoengsao Highway District. (Engineering Department) said that the preliminary information was from the condition of the road surface before. Last month, the road surface was opened up to make it stiffer. But yesterday it rained all the time and many cars crashed on the side of the road.

Tosaporn said that about the case As seen by chemicals that flow from the car. Be it engine oil or car oil dripping onto the road surface. And biting the paint of the road until it peels off along the road When the paint line on the road is exposed to rain, it makes the condition of the tread of the car incomplete. slide down the slope of the road

And today the staff have brought workers to clean. By using a stain remover that covers the road surface. which can reduce accidents and install a cone to block the traffic lane on the right waiting for a further assessment of the situation Initially, the authorities had blocked traffic lanes for another three days. Only two traffic lanes could be used and he warned road users to be more careful if they had to go through that route.

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