Revealing the face of 10 beauty queens in 10 years “Miss Grand International”

The scene is closed for Pageant “Miss Grand International 2022”. or “Miss Grand International 2022″ that just passed last night the news teamKom Chad Luek Entertainmenthas stuck to the situation from the beginning until this moment, and who grab the golden crown this time it is ” Isabella“or “Isabella menin” Miss Grand Brazil (Miss Grand Brazil) and this year is more special than other years because this year10th Anniversary Celebration make a legend The Great Queen The 10th person the world must inscribe

“Miss Grand International” or “Miss Grand InternationalInternational beauty pageant stage that breaks all the rules a fight to find the perfect person with beauty in both eyes and thoughts, and it is also considered a platform of opportunity to be open in terms of equality and organized to campaign for the world to end war and violence under the slogan “WE ARE THE 1 AND ONLY GRAND” or “From now on, every area is great.” If you go back in time, to a beautiful woman who has won the award over the past 10 years, first of Miss Grand International beginning last year 2013

1. Miss Grand International 2013 in Janelee Marcus Chaparro Colon or “Jennaly Chaparro” / Beauty woman from Miss Grand Puerto Rico

Janelee Chaparro

2. Miss Grand International 2014 in Daryanne Lees Garcia or Darien Lis Garcia” / Beauty woman from Miss Grand Cuba

Daryanne Lees Garcia

3. Miss Grand International 2015 in “Claire Elizabeth Parker or Claire Elizabeth Parker” / Beauty woman from the Miss Grand stageAustralia He initially won second best before taking the lead. and become Miss Grand International 2015

Claire Elizabeth Parker

4. Miss Grand International 2016 in “Ariska Putri Pertiwi or Arizka Putri Petewi / from the Miss Grand stage Indonesia

Ariska Putri Pertiwi

5. Miss Grand International 2017 in Maria Jose Lora Loayza or Maria Jose Lora Loiza” from the Miss Grand stage Peru

Maria Jose Lora Loayza

6. Miss Grand International 2018 in Maria Clara Sosa Perdomo or Maria Clara Sosa Perdomo” / A beauty queen from the Miss Grand stageParaguay who after announcing the person who owns the crown she fainted in the middle of the stage. She revealed that when she received the award, she was so happy she felt like her heart was about to have a heart attack.

    Maria Clara Sosa Perdomo

7. Miss Grand International 2019 in Lourdes Valentina Figuera Morales or Valentina Figuera” / from Miss Grand Venezuela

Morales Lourdes Valentina Figuera

8. Miss Grand International 2020 in “Evelyn Abena is crying Appiah or Evelyn Abena Acuaba Appiah” / winner of the Miss Grand title United States of America 2020 / She is an American singer, model and beauty queen of Ghanaian descent. This beautiful woman is considered to be the first black woman to hold the title of Miss Grand International.

Evelyn Abena Welcomes Apiah

9. Miss Grand International 2021 in “Nguyen Tuk Tui Tien” or “Queen of Tian” / Beauty woman from the Miss Grand stage Vietnam 2021 / This girl is a beautiful woman who made history. A new face for Vietnam And when the last night She says goodbye to the situation. Ready to reveal my heart in Thai language which is very touching with thanks Boss competition manager “Nawat”

"Nguyen Tuk Tui Tien" or "Queen of Tian"

And the latest beauty pageant, Daeng, 10. Miss Grand International 2022 in “Isabella I went” or “Isabel” A beauty queen from the Miss Grand stage Brazil A Brazilian beauty queen story changer who made Brazilian dreams come true. by grabbing the crown after Brazil He had been away from the big stage for more than 51 years.

"Isabella I went" or "Isabella"

"Isabella I went" or "Isabella"

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