Reveals 9 danger signs of “Omicron in children” illnesses. Which one must be careful of?

However The Sun, British media reported that Children are not at risk of contracting severe coronavirus But if not vaccinated without protection from the virus which are likely to be vectors of the virus transmitted to families, parents, siblings and at school. As previously reported, Oh Micron may differ in comparison with the previous species. but still unable to conclude which the British public health system (National Health Service: NHS) Identify the main symptoms of COVID in children and adults as follows:

high temperature

recurrent coughing Refers to coughing for more than 1 hour or coughing 3 or more times in 24 hours.

loss or change in sensesto smell or taste


stuffy nose, runny nose

have a headache

sore throat


body aches

while Experts at ZOE have gatheredSymptoms of people infected with COVID-19 Omicron species In the UK, there are usually three types of rashes on the body: Hives, heat rash and chilblains rash. which are mostly found in children

side Dr. Angelic Coatsy President of the South African Medical Association revealed that the main symptoms of Oh Micron The symptoms found in young men were fatigue, headaches and body aches. In the case of a 6-year-old girl, there will behigh temperature and pulse ratea lot

side Dr. David Lloyd general practitioner A north London hospital said all the children he had treated had Confirmed that the symptoms of the coronavirus are about 15% different from those of Omicron. symptomaticunusual rash Weakness, headache, and loss of appetite This is similar to the symptoms that are most common in adults.

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