Reveals ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ which allows you to check the number of ‘dislikes’ on YouTube

return youtube hate extension

[디지털투데이 AI리포터] IT Media Gijin reported on the 4th (local time) that Return YouTube Dislike (RYD), an extension program that allows you to check the number of ‘dislikes’ on YouTube videos, has been released.

This extension allows you to see how many dislikes you currently have on YouTube. The way RYD determines the number of dislikes is based on estimates.

For example, if the number of dislikes and 1000 likes received by extension users is 500, and the number of likes weighed by users who do not use the extension is 3000, the number of dislikes will be first shown in 1500, Gijin explained.

DisLike is a web browser extension that supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave browsers.


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